Caregiver Jobs in Canada

Job Description:

Caregiver jobs are for individuals who are qualified to care independently for children, the elderly or people who have physical or mental disabilities. There is a shortage of Canadians who are available to work in live-in Caregiver jobs. In order to keep up with such a demand a live-in Caregiver Program was developed to bring qualified foreign people who are available to work on a live-in basis. Through the program you will become a member of a Canadian family for at least one year and will be paid a salary befitting a Caregiver jobs holder.

What the job offers:

The host family, which is your employer, will pay you no less than the minimum wage set by the province for live-in caregiver jobs, in which you are working. Minimum wage of caregiver jobs in the Canadian Provinces varies depending on what province you are working.

Caregiver Jobs Qualifications:

1. Must have completed a high school education that is equivalent to a grade 12 education in Canada.
2. Must be able to speak, read and understand English or French.
3. Must be able to function independently in a home setting.
4. Must have completed 6 months of full-time training in a field related to the job you want in Canada or, you must have completed 12 months of full-time paid employment (this must include at least 6 months of continuous employment) in a field related to the work you want to do in Canada.
5. Must have a clean criminal record.

Caregiver Jobs Requirements:

* You must provide three not family related references
* You must pass an interview to determine if you meet the program requirements
* You must be willing to follow the rules of your host family’s home, treat them, their children and possessions with care and respect
* You must be willing to commit to stay for a full year
* You must pay a good faith deposit to ensure your commitment to the program
* You must be a non-smoker or be prepared to sign a non-smoking declaration
* You must be willing to provide minimum 24 hours of childcare, related responsibilities and light housework per week

Interested Applicants may contact:
Be International Recruiting Inc.
45 Sheppard Ave East, Ste.900
Toronto, ON M2N 2J1
Phone: 4165907429
Fax: 6474394112

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58 Responses to Caregiver Jobs in Canada

  1. Irene Natividad says:

    Good Day,
    I’m Irene from Philippines, I’m interested on applying as a caregiver in Canada. I’ll send my resume on your email. Hoping for your immediate response. thank you!

  2. im theresita branzuela of mabalacat pampamnga philippines 39 years old mother of two,i graduated as a care giver and ive got some seminars related in that feild i also taking care of my grandfather for almost 3 years his ill and bed ridden in that way i train a lot,im verry much willing to work as a care giver in canada,please consider me thank you…my email

  3. Natalia says:

    Good day.
    Hi I’m from Ukraine, 43 years old.
    I’m a german teacher for 15 years.
    I am interested in working as a caregiver in Canada.I have a passion in giving care in elderly and children.
    My email is
    Thank you and have a nice day.


  4. Richard Lam says:

    My name is Richard Lam, 34 years old. I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines. I am interested to apply as caregiver.But, it seems that there is a problem with email address that you have posted. Is there any email address that u can provide so that I can send my resume.
    Here is my email add
    Thank you very much

  5. Om Kumar Sharma says:

    Hello. I am 22 years old male from Nepal. I have completed years Diploma in General Medicine and child healthcare. thanks

  6. andrea prantilla says:

    I am Andrea I. Prantilla,from Malaybalay Bukidnun, Philippines, 26 y.o, undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (3rd yr level) and had a 2 years hospital experienced.I took care giving for six moths at Liceo de Cagayan Unaniversity And I’m going to take the TESDA for Certification and hoping for the best result. I am very much interested to apply as a is my email add

  7. moss says:

    i am looking for caregiver job in canada!!

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