Caregiver Work in Canada

There is a shortage of Canadians who are available for live in caregiver work. And to cope up with such a demand the live-in Caregiver Program was developed to allow qualified foreign individuals who are available for caregiver work in Canada on a live-in basis.

Caregiver work is for individuals who are qualified to care independently for children, the elderly or people who have disabilities. If you want to accumulate Canadian work experience and advance your skills to the Canadian standards, you are welcome to join the program. If you have a background in education, medicine and health care, then you are what the Canadians need for caregiver work. There is also the possibility of applying for Permanent Residence in Canada after completing at least two years of caregiver work.

Through the caregiver work program you’ll become a member of a Canadian family for at least one year and will be paid a salary as a Caregiver. The host family, who is your employer, will pay you the salary no less than the minimum wage set by the province in which you are working.

As a specialized caregiver work agency, they offer services both to the families and Caregivers. Once you have applied, your application is screened, your references checked and your file completed and presented to different Canadian families. If you and the family decide that you are willing to work together, the agency can negotiate the contract for you and do the paperwork for the caregiver work authorization. Once you are in Canada it is compulsory for you to attend the agency’s training courses within the first month from your arrival. If you decide to find another caregiver work after a year, the agency can find you a host family and negotiate another caregiver work contract for you.

The agency’s caregiver work program eligibility requirements for a foreign Caregiver are imposed by the Canadian Government together with the agency as well. To qualify for the caregiver work program you must have completed a high school education that is equivalent to a grade 12 education in Canada. You must be able to speak, read and understand English or French. You must be able to function independently in a home setting. You must have completed 6 months of full-time training in a field related to the job you want in Canada or you must have completed 12 months of full-time paid caregiver. This training or employment could be in a field such as childcare, early childhood education, geriatric care, special education, pediatric nursing, first aid, any health profession, to name just a few areas. The caregiver work applicant must also have a clean criminal record

Caregiver Work Requirements:

  1. You must provide us with three not family related references.
  2. You must pass an interview to determine if you meet the program requirements.
  3. You must be willing to follow the rules of your host family’s home, treat them, their children and possessions with care and respect.
  4. You must be willing to commit to stay for a full year.
  5. You must pay a good faith deposit to ensure your commitment to the program.
  6. You must be a non-smoker or be prepared to sign a non-smoking declaration.
  7. You must be willing to provide minimum 24 hours of childcare, related responsibilities and light housework per week.

All interested applicants who are qualified for caregiver work in Canada may log on to their website at for more info.

This Program is open to Worldwide Participants.

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  1. Peter Quinn says:

    Hi. I am a long time reader. I wanted to say that I like your blog and the layout.

    Peter Quinn

  2. Geofrey Ikambi says:

    am a high school graduate and am interested in care giver job do i really have a chance?

  3. Geofrey Ikambi says:

    am a high school graduate living in Kenya and am interested in care giver job do i really have a chance?

  4. caregiver says:

    Mr. Ikambi

    If you have the right caregiver qualifications, you have a chance. To know more about the caregiver qualifications required by other countries, you should read my blog posts under the category Useful Informations which can be found at left side of my website Caregiver Work Abroad. There you will find all the information you need on how to work as a caregiver in countries like UK and Canada.

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    Web Master

  5. stacy says:

    I am looking for a live-in caregiver job with sponsorship please give me a call at 647-705-1977

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