Nanny Jobs in Canada

Job Description:

One essential requirement of Canada’s Live-in Nanny Jobs Program is that the nanny or caregiver must live with their employer during the span of their work contract. The live-in Nanny Jobs program of Canada only exist because there is a lack of Canadian’s to fill the need for live-in nanny jobs or caregiver work. If the nanny jobs has no live-in requirement, there is no shortage of available Canadian caregiver jobs or nanny jobs.

Many Canadian families prefer a caregiver or nanny that can perform the parents responsibilities while they are not in the comfort of their own home. These nanny jobs chores include cleaning, cooking, doing some laundry, and taking care of the kids and having a valid drivers license is a big factor when applying for a caregiver or nanny jobs.

Nanny Jobs Qualifications:

1. Completion of the equivalent of a Canadian High School education.
2. Six months of full time training or 12 months of experience in paid employment as a caregiver or nanny.
3. Ability to speak, read, or understand either English or French.

Nanny Jobs Requirements:

•    Letters of Reference
•    Phone Interview
•    Resume
•    Written Application

This job offer is open to worldwide applicants. For more info please visit:

ABC Nannies Canada Inc.
11420 95 A Ave
Business number: 1-604-581-1018
Toll Free number: 1-877-690-4297

Families email to:
Applicants email to:

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3 Responses to Nanny Jobs in Canada

  1. Milsay Lalic says:

    Im Milsay Lalic 21years old,single female from Philippines.Im finished caregiver in 7mos. and i have some seminar certificate related in that field.I am hard working persons and am able to handle any task or job.Im very easy to get along with.Please consider me.Thank you.

  2. sir/maam,

    i am rhea marie,23 years of age,and a graduate of bachelor of science in nursing,i am really interested in the job as caregiver as i can take care and watch the children or the old once.i can handle tough work ,and im able to handle the task as the job may demand..
    hoping for your favorble consideration.

    thank you

  3. fatemeh shiva says:

    im 24 years old female nanny. i prefer children in age 4 or more.

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