Caregiver Requirements in UK

Last year, the United Kingdom began implementing the new caregiver requirements based on the new points system that were substituted for most of their existing work-based categories wherein a caregiver is classified under the Tier 2 General which is the skilled worker category. The skilled worker category are for individuals coming to the UK with a skilled job offer from an employer which is one of the caregiver requirements before entering the UK. This is usually the case when an employer in the United Kingdom cannot find a settled worker to fill the gap in their workforce.

Caregiver Requirements when applying for a caregiver job in the UK

Before an individual can apply as a caregiver under the skilled worker category, one of the caregiver requirements is to have a job offer from an employer or a sponsor in the UK, and you need to have a valid certificate of sponsorship. Upon your application, you will be awarded some points according to their new points-based system which will base on you’re:

  1. Qualifications
  2. Future expected earnings
  3. Sponsorship
  4. Skills in the English language
  5. Available maintenance funds

Caregiver Requirement for the length of stay or employment in the UK

Upon completing all the caregiver requirements and you are given the privilege to stay in the United Kingdom under the Tier2 General as a skilled worker, the caregiver will now be able to live and be employed in the UK. But, the maximum caregiver requirement of a caregiver’s employment or stay in the UK should not exceed 3 years and one month. Or, in some cases, the time specified in their certificate of sponsorship plus one month, whichever is shorter. After that they will need to apply for an extension of their stay as a Caregiver under the Tier 2 General of the caregiver requirements.

If a caregiver is allowed to extend their stay in the UK, they will be given another 2 years or the time specified in their certificate of sponsorship plus 14 days. Usually, the one with the shorter period of time will be the one to be followed. But, once the caregiver has legally stayed in the United Kingdom for five continuous years which is the caregiver requirement for settlement, they now have the right to live permanently in the United Kingdom. If the caregiver did not avail of this privilege they must file a new application which is a caregiver requirement under the new points-based system.

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