Caregiver Training in UK

This training center for caregiver specializes in placing overseas students into UK care homes for caregiver training which is needed for their NVQ or National Vocational Qualifications in the health and social care of the UK. While undergoing training, the caregiver training applicants get paid for up to 40 hours a week. This caregiver training is done with 20 hours caregiver training in a work environment and 20 hours working. The caregiver training applicant will be doing on the job training with a caregiver training professional visiting them at their workplace during caregiver training and will be keeping in touch through telephone or E-mail.

For the benefit of their caregiver training applicants, they will be given the option of living in a subsidized student accommodation and the nursing graduates who applied for the agency’s caregiver training will be assisted in joining the Overseas Nursing Programme or ONP. The ONP is designed to achieve the required education, professional knowledge, and skills that are up to NMC standard after which, all caregiver training applicants who completed the program will be given their NMC Pin Number. The ONP is also designed to prepare overseas nurses who are qualified outside the EEA countries and wishes to practice within the UK.

The said caregiver training center is an international student Caregiver Training and Recruitment Company based in Oxfordshire in the UK. They specialize in the placement of home and overseas students for caregiver training and to study for their NVQs in Health and Social Care. For further information regarding the said caregiver training in UK, all interested applicants for caregiver training may log on to their website at

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  1. sir/ madam
    iam here in UK on tour on visit visa and i want to come back on student visa can i work as caregiver and my qualification completed my nursing graduated

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