Caregiver Jobs Italy

A Philippine based recruitment agency is now searching for qualified candidates for caregiver jobs in Italy. The said job order for caregiver jobs in Italy was approved by the POEA last March 18, 2009. The original job order balance was for 99 caregivers but at present, the said agency is now in search for 50 qualified candidates for caregiver jobs in Italy. Among the 50 caregiver jobs in Italy, 40 vacancies are for female caregivers and 10 vacancies are for male caregivers. The age requirement for the agency’s caregiver jobs in Italy is between 25-40 years old and each caregiver jobs applicant for Italy should possess a caregiver’s diploma.

To apply for the said Caregiver Jobs Italy, just visit the agency’s website at and fill up their online application form for Caregiver Jobs Italy. For more info regarding the said caregiver jobs Italy, just visit their website or contact the said agency through the following contact infos:

Inter-Globe Manpower and Consultancy Services Inc.
Suite 1002 Don Alfonso Condominium
1008 L. Guerrero Street corner M.H. del Pilar Street
U.N Avenue, Ermita

TeleFax No.: +(632) 521-6431
Phone Number: +(632) 473-6039
Email Address:

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96 Responses to Caregiver Jobs Italy

  1. maria theresa de lima says:

    i am currently working in anitalian restaurant in dubai, does your comapny has offers for hospitality industry as well? Thanks.

  2. Hi im Evelyn Collado i would like to work as a caregiver.I have 3years experience in Saudi Arabia as a caregiver year 2007-2011.Im studying a Computer Secretarial 2years and studying also a caregiver i have also certificate that accredited in Tesda.I would like to apply as a caregiver in Italy i hope you accept my letter tnxs.

  3. early jane guerzon says:

    I’m willing to apply as a care giver in Italy…I am a registered nurse and had been worked as nurse volunteer for six months at camp evangelista station hospital, 4th infantry division Philippine army…

  4. eldie says:

    hi goodday!i am eldie M. Sumadia.I am quite enterested bout the job offer in Italy.I am a nursing graduate,male,27.pls do reply.thank you!

  5. dammika says:

    i like caregiver i have diploma am now work israel

  6. Katherine Joy I. Balmes says:

    Hi i’m Katherine Joy I.Balmes,20 yrs.old..I’m a caregiving-nursing aid graduate.And also a massage therapist.I’m willing to apply as caregiver in Italy

  7. hi im Johana Rose Juan a fresh graduate of careving,, im a trained caregiver,, and i know the duties of caregiver,,.. ihope you hired me,, my maaam was there in italy,,,

  8. hi im Johana Rose Juan a fresh graduate of careving,, im a trained caregiver,, and i know the duties of caregiver,,.. ihope you hired me,, my maaam was there in italy,,,hirs my number,,09159130830

  9. richard j. farol says:

    Hi good morning! I’m Richard J. Farol,28 years of age. I just want to apply as caregiver in Italy I’m a undergraduate as nurse but I’m also a caregiver graduate of Tesda. thank you!

  10. erna jae says:

    may we know sir maam the requirements for the said jobs

  11. Alvin Virgilio E. says:

    I m a tesda graduate and certify caregiver.I would love to work as caregiver here in italy.Im currently in milan and with legal documents.Can I know where is your office here in italy so that I could visit and inquire.

  12. caregiver says:

    Alvin Virgilio,

    I’m sorry but the vacancies for the said Caregiver Jobs Italy are already filled.

    Thanks for visiting Caregiver Work Abroad

  13. Jocelyn says:

    Hi, Im jocelyn from philippines, i would like to apply as caregiver in italy, im 35 years old, ex-abroad from Israel i work as caregiver for 9 years.I graduated as BS in Accountancy. Thank you.

  14. Hello, I’m looking for a job as a care give.I finish bachelor of Science in Nursing this 2011 young and single.You can contact me at 09153456473 or call me at 4033976.

  15. Sheila says:

    Hi…my mum’s from Italy before..i am4 years experience, nursing graduate looking for a job abroad. pls call +639159959929….

  16. Mahraden D. Galang says:

    I am Mahraden D. Galang. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing.. I have 2 years experience working in the hospital.I would like to apply as caregiver if i would given a chance. I love dealing with different people with different attitudes. I can say I am flexible people cause i can deal with different people…I’m really interested working abroad especially in your country.. Thank you and Godbless

    Here is my Contact #: +63906-559-5593
    Here is my email Address:

  17. FEBIE FUROC says:

    Madam/Sir,Hello!!Im febie furoc,Im 47 years old,im currently working in Isael as a caregiver until now,Im a responssible,kind,honest,hardworking and realiable person it comes to work…I work 11years as a caregiver,with love and sincerlly to all my employers…Im flexible all my daily tasks,and I have my recommendation letter for my previous employer.. Im hopping an apportunity for hiring me.. Thank you very much.Im waiting for the result…..febie.

  18. Noemi Ruth says:

    im a registered nurse and im willing to work as a caregiver. oi have hospital and private nursing exp. i was a private/home nurse in jordan for almost 2yrs.

  19. cornelio mejia says:

    im a caregiver,and a present employed as a nursing attendant at medical city hospital for 5 years now,i want to work in italy as a caregiver,thanks



  21. Irish Irene Uberita Ruelos says:

    I’m applying for a caregiver job i’m complete in my credentials and already have passport.

  22. Ronila Zabala says:

    Hi, i’m well experienced in caregiver for more than 13 years israel, and i have recommendation from my previous employer. What are the requirements for the said job?

  23. Bernalyn says:

    hi,I’m berna.I am a teacher of an International Montessori School here in Laguna Philippines.I am willing to work as a teacher,a nanny or a caregiver of a children with special needs.If there is vacancy please give me a call.

    This is my email address
    thank u,your response is highly appreciated.

  24. hi,iam evangeline filipino 52 yrs old, currently working in dubai hospital(united arab emirates)for 20 yrs till present as health care assistant,my duties is taking vital signs,assisting breastfeeding mothers, taking care newborn infants,teaching and advising diabetis pregnant woman,transferring patints w/in hospital ,iam fond of cooking and doing house hold choirs,iam kind, honest,hardworking. my tel no;+971503609392

  25. hi, iam evangeline,filipino 52 yrs old currently working in dubai hospital, dubai united arab emirates as health care assistant,for 20 yrs till present,my job is taking vital signs,taking care new born babies, health teachings about breast feeding after dilery,transfering patients to labor room in labour,advising diabetic patients, iam fond of childre, to do cooking, and household choirs,iam honest,kind, hardworking . my tel:+971503609392

  26. hi evangeline 52 yrs ,filipino,currently working in dubai hospital,dubai u.a.e,as health care assistant for 20 yrs till present, iam interested in children,adults, infants, iam willing to do cooking, household , my tel no:+971503609392 or +97142195339/5445

  27. hi iam evangeline again i think i have already submitted twice already in the system thanks and regards…

  28. hi iam evangeline ,sorry i have submitted already in the system thanks

  29. hi i’m cherry from baguio, Philippines 22 YEARS old ,im looking for a job as a caregiver, I am a college graduate and recently took my caregiving NC 11 Last December and certified TESDA NC 11

    thank you and god bless
    hope for your response
    ,,,you can reach me @ 09303819183,(

  30. michelle yap says:

    hi my name is Michelle Yap 33 years old graduate of caregiver last April 29,2011 am looking for caregiver job in Italy am NCII passer and a lot of training Red CrOss and OJT . i hope you can help me to find a job thanks and God Bless
    Brgy 6,49 Quezon avenue Catanauan Quezon
    Contact No# 09232009273/09204930800
    Passport No# XX0311732
    Email address:

    OBJECTIVE: To secure a challenging and responsible position that will
    allow me to utilize my caregiver experience and supervisory skills.


    Vocational: Caregiver
    St. Augustine School of Nurse
    11115 DHC Bldg.Veteran’s Village,EDSA,Quezon City

    Vocational: Basic Cellphone Repair
    Catanauan Quezon

    Secondary: Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation Catanauan
    Quezon Inc.

    Primary: Catanauan Central School


    Address: Brgy 9, Catanauan Quezon
    Position: Cellphone Technician


    The Philippine Natonal Red Cross
    Basic Life Suport
    PRC-Vaenzuela City Chapter

    The Philippine National Red Cross
    First Aid Training Standard
    PRC- Valenzuela City Chapter

    Feeding Program And Community Service
    Brgy.Sipac,Almacen Navotas City
    December 01,2010

    Medical Mission And Feeding Activity
    Caritas Kaloocan ST. Parish Compound
    November 24,2010

    Feeding Program
    AMA University Project 8 QuezonCity
    November 23,2010

    Medical Mission
    Brgy. Bungad Quezon City
    July 23,2010

    Tesda NCIl
    Basic Life Support
    First Aid Training Standard
    Feeding program and community sevice
    Medical Mission and feeding activity Caritas Kaloocan
    Feeding program AMA University
    Medical Mission Brgy. Bungad
    Basic Cellphone Repiar


    Provincial Address : Brgy 6,
    49 Quezon Avenue
    Catanauan Quezon
    Date of Birth : October 26, 1978
    Birth Place : Catanauan Quezon
    Civil : Single
    Citizenship : Filipino
    Height : 4’11
    Weight : 50
    Religion : Roman Catholic
    Child : 2
    Languages Spoke :Japanese,English,Filipino
    Mother’s Name :Nerie Yap
    Father’s Name :Marcelino Yap Sr.


    Name :Marcelino L. Yap Jr.
    Address : Brgy 6, 49 Quezon Avenue
    Catanauan Quezon
    Contact No# :09106383253


    Moneth Marquez
    Brgy Matandang Sabang Catanauan Quezon

    Reymond Bijer
    Brgy 6,48 Quezon Avenue Catanauan Quezon

    I here\by certify that all data’s information I have given above are true and correct

    Michelle L. Yap

  31. gem says:

    hi im a caregivr graduate last 2003. can i still apply for the position? ty

  32. hi,good evening,i would like to apply as a caregiver,.am i qualified? I have finished my caregiving course in university of batangas. In fact i have an experience in taking care of the elderly,at my young age of 17,but this coming april,i will turn 18.. Please respond,am i qualified,even though i’m 18 years old?

  33. please respond..thanks,

  34. Ma. Catherine D. Oliveros says:

    I’m Cathy I’m interested to work as a caregiver in Italy. I’ve worked in Taiwan for 6yrs. as a caregiver for the kids and elderly. I attended Basic Life Support (Community CPR) and First Aid Training Standard in Red Cross, exposure tour for home for the aged in Marikina, related training in hospital as a caregiver, sanitation and safety procedures.

  35. Ma. Catherine D. Oliveros says:

    Please do reply. thank you

  36. marilyn says:

    Hi!i am marilyn finished college,age 33,have experience taking care waiting forof elderly care who is in a vegetarian state for 5yrs more until now in then..i also had experience about child care..wanna want to work in italy..waiting for your response..thank you…

  37. priscilla says:

    Hi i am Priscilla a certified caregiver I wanted to apply abroad i hope i can find one.

  38. Henalyn Bruno says:

    hi i’am henalyn bruno, 22yrs old, i finished my course as a caregiver and i graduate as a midwife but not yet take a board exam.i willing to work as a caregiver in abroad.

    thank you

  39. Amy says:

    Is this offer is still available?.

  40. alfredo araojo II says:

    i would like to apply as a caregiver in italy.
    i worked in UK for three years as health care assistant in nursing home
    i have IELTS certificate taken in UK as well.
    please consider me for the post.
    here is my contact number 09204988263 or email me at
    thank you very much
    God bless!!!

  41. RODRIGO C. BORNEA says:

    hi im rodrigo im interested to apply as caregiver

  42. maryjoy talam abasola says:

    hi Im maryjoy certified caregiver i wanted to apply abroad

  43. Enrique E Requinto says:

    Dear Mam/Sir:
    I am retired master Sergeant in the Philippine Army, 47 years old and I had been served in the military service in 24 years, I am applying for Health Care Assistant/Driver. I am capable to the position I am applying for, I had been earned a lot of experienced, knowledge and skills when I’m served as a Agency Healthcare Assistant Staff in the different Nursing and Care Home in United Kingdom specially in Birmingham area and I’m capable to the position I’m applying for, I am a hardworking and honest, trustworthy and god fearing person, when I’m giving an opportunity to work with you, I do the best of my knowledge and skills to do the task and job.

    Yours Sincerely:

    Master Sergeant Enrique E Requinto (Ret) PA
    Mobile number: 09278615259

  44. gene eslabon says:

    hi sir, my name is gene, and im presenlty working here in taiwan for 8 years, and im interested for aplying the job that fit to my personality, im now a care giver for a 90 years old suffering a cervix cancer,,and my privious employer before,, i work as a nanny 2 im happy and lots of experience in every single day…if i have a chance i want to try work in other countries..godbless


    hillo,,,im ofelia t bautista 38 yrs of age.willing to apply as a cargiver i have a 9 years experience in taiwan…live in care taker in caregiver of the sroke patient..dis my phone no 0980434793.09493725171

  46. caregiver says:

    Ofelia Bautista,

    To apply for any jobs posted on Caregiver Work Abroad, simply follow the instructions stated in each article. The names, addresses, and contact numbers of the recruitment agency mentioned are all specified in the job post for your reference. Again, you do not need to apply to us, you should apply to the recruitment agency mentioned in each article.

    Thanks for visiting Caregiver Work Abroad.

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