Japan Work Caregiver

20 Caregiver – Japan


  • Male or Female
  • At least 25 years old
  • Licensed Nurse, graduate, undergraduate, or Caregiver NC II passer
  • With at least 1 year similar work experience

If you are interested in applying for the said Japan Work Caregiver, kindly email the following application requirements to analyn@camox.com:

  1. Updated Resume
  2. PSA Birth Certificate
  3. PSA Marriage Certificate (if married)
  4. Diploma and Form 137 or 138 (for high school graduate)
  5. Diploma (for college graduate), TOR (for college undergraduate), and copy of PRC License (for Nursing Board Passer)
  6. Caregiving NC II Certificate for Caregiving course graduate
  7. Photocopy of Passport with at least 3 years remaining validity

If you have questions about the said Japan Work Caregiver, please contact Ms. Anna of Camox Philippines, Inc. by dialing any of the following mobile numbers:


Note: For manpower pooling only

Camox Philippines, Inc.
EP Hernandez Bldg.
1646 Evangelista St.
Makati City
Email Address:
dbmanila@camox.com (for application sending)
Tel No: 8 843-9141
Fax No: (+63) 8 843-9156

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3 Responses to Japan Work Caregiver

  1. What about 33 years old , that want to apply as caregiver. Im a Nursing graduate. Working now as Nursing Aide.

  2. Meya S. Ramolete says:

    Good say sir/madam i am an caregiver passer and a caregiver before in taowan and hongkong as a nanny.i hope i qm qualified toapply for the position of caregiver to japan

  3. rey mark s. tocoyo says:

    good day po, gusto ko po sanang mag apply as caregiver, isa po akong registered midwife po..valid prc license with training

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