POEA Approved Caregiver Jobs for December 2010

For the month of December 2010, the POEA approved 21 job orders for caregiver jobs for 16 POEA accredited recruitment agencies. These POEA Approved Caregiver Jobs for December 2010 have a total of more than 600 caregiver jobs abroad. Specified below is the list of the said POEA approved caregiver jobs for December 2010. The list includes the country of destination, the name of the recruiting agency, and the number of caregiver job vacancies for each recruitment agency.

ISRAEL ——— Rise Manpower Services ——————————————- 8
MALAYSIA — Prime Opportunities Inc. ——————————————– 50
ISRAEL ——– JAO International Manpower Services ———————– 45
ISRAEL ——– CPM Manpower Services ——————————————- 160
ISRAEL ——– International Progress Inc. —————————————- 22
ISRAEL ——– Star World Int’l Manp. & Placement Agency Inc. ——- 30
KUWAIT —— Philemploy Services & Resources Inc. ———————– 19
ISRAEL ——– Hopewell Overseas Manpower Network, Inc. ————- 28
ISRAEL ——– Provident Overseas Placement Agency ——————— 23
ISRAEL ——– Mariposa International Services Co. Inc. ——————- 30
ISRAEL ——– HRD Employment Consultant & Multi-Services, Inc. — 30
ISRAEL ——– Sunace International Management Services, Inc. —— 30
ISRAEL ——– Uniwide Technical Services Inc. ——————————— 12
UAE ————- Non-Stop Overseas Employment Corp. ———————- 20
CYPRUS ——- MY International Manpower Corp. —————————— 100
QATAR ——— September Star Incorporated ————————————- 2

To apply for any of the said POEA Approved Caregiver Jobs for December 2010, submit your resume and application directly to your chosen recruitment agency. For any question regarding any of the said POEA approved caregiver jobs for December 2010, you may contact the recruitment agency involved thru their landline numbers or email address which will be provided upon request.

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12 Responses to POEA Approved Caregiver Jobs for December 2010

  1. Joan Cyrille M. Wahing says:

    hello.. good day! i’m a Registered Nurse and i’m planning to apply of being a caregiver.. may i know what the requirements are? thank you!

  2. caregiver says:

    Joan Wahing,

    For info on the requirements for the said POEA approved caregiver jobs for December 2010, you may contact the recruitment agency involved.

    Thanks for visiting Caregiver Work Abroad.

  3. emil p white says:

    Helo mam/sir:

    Im Emil P.White A Registered Midwife,and im working as a Caregiver… may i know what are the requirements? pls text or call me with this number…. 09092753861 or email me at ….emilwhitedt24@yahoo.com

  4. caregiver says:

    Emil White,

    To know the requirements, you can contact the recruiting agency or agencies.

    Thanks for visiting Caregiver Work Abroad.

  5. Nenita C. Roxas says:


    I am inquiring if do you have a caregiver offer in australia.I am currently working as a caregiver in Israel and willing to relocate to work in Australia as a caregiver.

  6. Engellan A. Andaya says:

    Good day!
    I want to know if the above agencies require experienced applicant.

    Thank you and God bless!

  7. irine rosos says:

    Good to you!! I am caregiver graduate and luckily pass the the licensure exam (NCII). I am very much interested to apply as a caregiver. I just wanna know where can I apply or do you have agencies here in CEBU CITY?? Thank you!

    Waiting for response,

  8. caregiver says:

    Irine Rosos,

    Here are the names of recruitment agencies and its branch offices in Cebu City who have existing Job Orders for Caregiver Jobs.

    Non-Stop Overseas Employment Corp. —- 20 caregiver jobs in UAE
    Ms. Sophia Espiritu – Officer in Charge
    Rm. 306 Don Osena Bldg. Osmena Blvd. Cebu City
    Telefax # (032) 253-6833
    Email : nonstop_cebu@yahoo.com

    HRD Employment Consultant & Multi-Services, Inc. —- 30 caregiver jobs in Israel
    2nd Floor, Hotel de Mercedez
    7 Pelaez Street, Cebu City
    Tel No: 2556329
    Email: cebu@hrdemployment.com

    Thanks for visiting Caregiver Work Abroad.

  9. Angelo MUTI says:

    I am Angelo Muti, Italian, born in Milan. For 5 years I live in Romania as a volunteer to help my Baptist pastor, Baron Howerthon (South Carolina, USA). Here in Romania I volunteer and do not receive any compensation. My money is running out. I receive a pension from the Italian state since June 1, 2012. In the meantime I need a rush job.

    Higher education, theological studies, studies bibbliche, do not smoke. I have a diploma in therapeutic massage, reflexology. So do the injections. I have a driving license. I like to cook. I know I organized a very healthy food for growing children. Really polite, honest, respectful and responsible. I love and help children and even the most insignificant men.

    I have the time to improve my English and to continue my studies bibbliche. On Sunday, I would like to go to a Christian church, preferably a Baptist or Methodist.

    Can you have references from my pastor and my brothers Battisti to Italy.
    God bless you greatly, I am counting on your cooperation.

    Angelo Muti (italian)

    Str. Campionilor nr. 4 305500 Lugoj (Timis) Romania

  10. ajmaravilla says:

    i have a cousin at malaysia, i know where she live,Hi I’m Alvin John Maravilla, I’m undergrate 3yr as Nursing in STI, im looking a new job for new near future for me.,can i apply as caregiver in israel?i willing to going abroad now, In year 2009 i have experience at American Data Exchange Corporation as Business Process Associate., i do this because for my family and my career growth and stable as a good nurse management. I do this because i want to finished my course, this is my question I am qualified for being as caregiver ? i file my resignation for my career growth and lot more experience while working and study. This is my challenge for me in year 2011.just contact for clarification for my question.09069137317, thanks..

  11. may says:

    just wanna ask maam if , FACE VALUE is needed/ highly important, in applying here?? thankz much.

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