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If you want to travel the world and live and work in another county while caring for children then this agency for nanny jobs overseas is the right one for you. This agency for nanny jobs overseas is a New Zealand based International Employment Agency that specializes in placing staff in nanny, childcare, and hospitality jobs in UK, France, Italy, Canada, and the US wherein they are the first New Zealand based agency for Nanny Jobs Overseas to send nannies to the USA legally. And since they have been placing New Zealanders in nanny jobs overseas since 1995, they are considered as one of the most, if not the most, experienced nanny jobs overseas agency in New Zealand.

To qualify for the agency’s nanny jobs overseas, all applicants must have a genuine love for children, enthusiastic, flexible, and get on well with people. All nanny jobs overseas applicants must also have some experience with verifiable references and must be living in New Zealand and be able to legally work in nanny jobs overseas in the country you are applying for to enable screening in New Zealand.

For more info regarding the said nanny jobs overseas, feel free to send and inquiry in their P.O. Box number stated below or fill up their online inquiry form and submit.

International Working Holidays
P.O. Box 303-220
North Harbour

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14 Responses to Nanny Jobs Overseas

  1. good day! i’m caregiver but dont have experience to work. i’m welling to work in your country.i’m fenish my OJT in the HOME for the AGED and the Autism. now i’m rearching the employer who employed me. thank u!

  2. rosana says:

    I’m Rosana Renegado,a Filipino,Single status,30 years of age, and residing at Purok 2 Calolot Tambulig,Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines . Graduated at International Health Link Caregiver Training Center,here in the Philippines in the field of Caregiving.I wish to apply as a live-in caregiver. My record at IHLCTC together with my practical training experiences which I have been completed during my On the Job-Training. Makes me feel reasonably confident that I would become a good caregiver. I am also a certified first aider and a good swimmer. I am looking for someone who could sponsor me to be able to work in your country as a nanny or live in caregiver. Thank you very much and God Bless You… If you are interested email me in this address so that I could email you my resume with picture and other credentials you may request.

  3. caregiver says:

    Ms. Rosana,

    To qualify for the said nanny jobs overseas, you must be living in New Zealand and be able to legally work in nanny jobs overseas in the country you are applying for.

    For more agencies offering nanny and caregiver jobs, I suggest that you also visit the website Nanny Jobs Online at and Caregiver, Nanny, and Housekeeping Jobs Worldwide at

    For nursing jobs abroad, I suggest that you visit the website Nursing Jobs Abroad for Filipinos at

    For POEA approved jobs, I suggest that you visit the website

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Web Master

  4. Gina Herrera says:

    Im 37 years old and presently working as a privateduty nurse.I also have experience as a nanny for 3 and a half years in Cyprus. I am avery loving and passionate nanny.I also worked as responsible and can be trusted.i worked with little supervision and I easily undeerstand my job.

  5. caregiver says:

    Gina Herrera,

    To qualify for the agency’s nanny jobs overseas, all applicants must be living in New Zealand and be able to legally work in nanny jobs overseas in the country you are applying for to enable screening in New Zealand.

    Thanks for visiting Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Web Master

  6. Geet says:

    I’m a teacher of english as a second language in Sri lanka I’ve been teaching for more than 15 years. Will there be a suitable job for me?

  7. Geet says:

    many years I’ve taught to small kids

  8. Rose says:

    I was a primary school teacher for 13 years but wish to apply for a nanny job overseas but not in (Middle east)countries. Is there any nanny jobs available for other countries such as: EUROPE, AUSTRALIA,US or any Caribbean countries? I happened to visit Haiti and St. Maarten last 2006-2007.
    Hope to know the right website through your help on nanny jobs available worldwide. (I’m afraid of the scams that are very rampant in the internet nowadays).

  9. miraflor says:

    Hi Im miraflor a careviger please tell me how to process my papers work in new zealand as a caregiver.leave me a message on my facebook.miraflor_enecio@yahoo.ocm thank you so much for your responce.

  10. cristy guinto says:

    hi sir/madam, Im cristy guinto,35 yrs old married and have 3 kids,im recently working in Dubai UAE for more than 2 y5 yrs,as a nanny.Ive been in israel for 5 yrs as a caregiver.Im looking forward to work in Europe country.Im a hardworking and has a lot of patience.Hope can find good employer,thanks and God blees.

  11. Vika Vakaloloma says:

    Hi, I would like to apply to work as a nanny in your Country, I am working in the Ministry of Health, Suva Fiji. I can look after children and adults, I responsibility to Screen Adults for their vision, as well as children. Is there any Nanny jobs in Hornby, Christchurch in New Zealand?

  12. Evelyn Molina says:

    Hi I am Evelyn Molina , I am interested to work in new country , I have work experience caring children for six years in hongkong presently l am her in cyprus working as caregaver in any available job and how to apply inform me at my email add thanks and god bless

  13. im 37 years old and mother of 8 and resinding at block 17 lot 15 rosalena 1puan davao city.i wish to apply as a nanny in new zealand.thnks in god bless

  14. Lendsey Llemit says:

    Good day im lendsey llemit I would like to apply as caregiver in new Zealand I have 2yr experience as caregiver and 3yr experience as nursing attendant in hospital I am hard working person and I want to help my family especially financial problem please help me maam to pursue my dream. I interested to to work In your country I love to help people especially elder people thank you and God bless……..

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