No Placement Fee Live in Caregiver Work Abroad

5 Female Live in Caregiver (Eurotech Manpower) —- Doha, Qatar


  • Female
  • Ages 23 to 40 years old
  • Must have at least vocational diploma/short course certificate
  • With at least 2 years similar working experience

If you are qualified to apply for the said no placement fee live in caregiver work abroad, you must forward your resume as soon as possible to the office of Forever Manpower Services Inc. For inquiries in connection with the said no placement fee live in caregiver work abroad, you may contact any of the following mobile numbers:



Forever Manpower Services Inc.
Salud Building
1713 Angel Linao Street
Tel No: 5238001

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2 Responses to No Placement Fee Live in Caregiver Work Abroad

  1. Stella Cilliers says:

    I am extremely interested in working in Qatar.
    I am a 49 year old female from South Africa,good tertiary qualifications. Bsc medical science,diploma Personel management,diploma nursing. I have worked as a laboratory nurse/phlebotomist +- 12 years; teaching biology and english for secondary students at a private school,and working as a insurance nurse/travelling phlebotomist.
    I am willing to work as a nurse,carer,personal assistant.
    Kind regards
    Stella (H J Cilliers)

  2. Good day I like to apply caregiver midwife nursing aide any country if qualified my ages 48 but many me experience in hospital and also lying in and as of now me working as a caregiver bed redden patient 92yr old thanks for helping me to working any country as a caregiver midwife thanks very much

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