Healthcare Attendant Job Hiring Singapore

Jedegal International Manpower Services Inc., one of the top POEA accredited recruitment agencies, is currently looking for candidates who are qualified for Healthcare Attendant Job Hiring Singapore. The said healthcare attendant job hiring Singapore is open to female applicants who possess the following qualifications:

  • Female
  • 34 years old and below
  • With Diploma or Certificate in Healthcare related course/s (e.g. caregiver, Associate in Health Science Education, Practical Nursing, etc.)
  • Must have at least 1 year relevant working experience as Nursing Aide/Volunteer/RN Heals/Caregiver

If you think you are qualified to apply for the said Healthcare Attendant Job Hiring Singapore, please visit the office of Jedegal International Manpower Services Inc. and submit the original copies of the following documents:

  1. Resume with detailed job description
  2. Diploma or Certificate
  3. TOR (Transcript of Records)
  4. Passport valid for 3 years (old and new)
  5. Pictures (8 pcs. passport sized, with white background, newly taken)
  6. Valid NBI Clearance
  7. Updated Employment Certificate stating the position, inclusive dates of employment in dd/mm/yy, area of exposures, work performance, and character reference

For inquiries regarding the said healthcare attendant job hiring Singapore, feel free to call any of the telephone numbers listed below.

Note: Urgent!!!

Jedegal International Manpower Services Inc.
GF & 2F Accent Tower Building
33 Shorthorn Street
Quezon City
Tel Nos:
Fax No: 3520029
Web Add:
Online Application

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  1. Rustico C.Balud Jr. says:

    hello,I’m so eager with work vacancy to apply, I Look forward to hearing from you soon.Should personal interview be needed,I am very much willing at any of your convenience.

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