Caregiver and Caretaker Jobs Taipei Taiwan

50 Caregivers and Caretakers —- Taipei, Taiwan


  • Female
  • Between 23 to 40 years old
  • At least high school graduate
  • With or without experience

If you are interested in applying for the said caregiver and caretaker jobs Taipei Taiwan, kindly submit the following application requirements to the office of Kan-Ya International Services Corp.

NBI Clearance
High School/College Diploma
High School Card or Form 137/College T.O.R. or Year Book
2X2 picture
NSO Birth Certificate
NSO Marriage Contract
SSS Unified I.D.
Old and new Passport (original and photocopy)
Original and photocopy of valid I.D.’s (ex. Voters I.D. or Voters Certificate, Phil Health, T.I.N.)

For more details or inquiries about the said caregiver and caretaker jobs Taipei Taiwan, you can contact Ms. Anna of Kan-Ya International Services Corp. at the following mobile numbers:

09196653134 SMART
09272863090 GLOBE

Note: For manpower pooling only

Kan-Ya International Services Corp.
Unit D, 2nd Flr., Belen Building
1787 A. Mabini Street
Tel Nos:
(02) 516 3471
(02) 400 5846 loc. 101
Email Add: —- send resume
Web Add:

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