Caregiver Jobs UK

A UK based recruitment and consultancy firm that provides professional recruitment solutions for the health and social care sector is seeking applicants for caregiver jobs UK. They are currently recruiting all grades of staff within the health and social care providers in the UK, Wales, and Scotland. They also welcome applicants  from Asia and other countries worldwide.

The agency is offering applicants whether newly qualified, experienced, or senior practitioner, the opportunity to advance in their chosen career and reap the monetary rewards by offering:

  • Permanent Placements.
  • Temporary/locum placements.
  • Welcoming international applicants.
  • Providing 24 hour support and assistance.

Interested local and international applicants may visit their website at or visit them at:

2nd Floor
3 Cromwell Court
Grey Friars Road
Ipswich, Suffolk
Tel:                       08450509708
Fax:                      +44 1473 252556

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101 Responses to Caregiver Jobs UK

  1. frances says:

    hi, im a nursing graduate but still under board..i wish to apply as a caregiver in Canada or UK…am i qualified..where can i apply ? is there any direct hiring agency i can apply for?thank you and godless my contact number is 09172440095

  2. poornima says:

    dear sir/madam,
    im from srilanka. i am 27 female i will be coming to London end of Feb 2011 on dependent visa. so im looking for a full time elderly care job. if you could offer me a job would be appreciated.
    waiting for a favorable reply.

  3. Benita Patulay says:

    im from philipines,27 yrs old,im happy woman and love caring people, i want to aply in a position of elderly caregiver,i have an experience in taiwan in nursinghome,i care about 30 to 50 patient everyday…and i have a certificate as a nursing aide in my position in taiwan,xxx i hope you can hire me in my position..

    thanks and more power!!
    my email;

  4. charmaine castaneda says:

    i want to work as a caregiver in UK, but i dont have any experience yet, coz i will be graduating this march and i only got my certificate as giver,, i want to use for the meantime my certificate while im not yer a Registered NUrse in the philpines.. so could u give me any advise or assistance?

  5. caregiver says:

    Charmaine Castaneda,

    Click HERE to learn more on the requirements on how to work as a Caregiver in UK.

    Thanks for visiting Caregiver Work Abroad.

  6. Mariechu Yee says:

    Good Day. I am a licensed Caregiver from Philippines and would like to apply as a Caregiver in UK. My email add is You can contact me at 09392369922. Thank you.

  7. mary grace bigcas says:

    dear sir
    good day ,i like to work as caregiver ,and i am willing to travel direct away to join there ,thanks

    973 340 41 301
    Bahrain ,Manama

  8. masette sakaya peter says:

    dear madam , sir, have seen this job would be interested to the work, according to what have seen about it.

  9. masette sakaya peter says:

    dear madem , sir have seen the job would like to do for you the work thanks

  10. annabelle masonsong says:

    hi I’m annabelle 19 yrs. old. I’m from Philippines. I’m looking for a job in UK as a caregiver.Would you be able to provide me with assistance in this regard.

  11. Ercel Lim says:

    Dear sir/madam

    If ur still hiring i would like to apply as caregiver at uk im 41 yrs old a filipina experienced as a nanny for 10 yrs and a caregver for old patients for 5 yrs my email ad is limxica@yahoo. im looking forward to ur reply tnks.

  12. Naty Angana says:

    DeaR Maam/Sir
    Im Naty Angana.filipino40 yrs of age was working in singapore as baby sitter with in 4 yrs.and in honkong 2 yrs….im looking forward for the employer who neads nanny.anyone is intested here is my imail address…
    Best regards

  13. Estiglor V. Hussin says:

    I wish to work as a caregiver for a good family in UK preferably in London. I am from Philippines,27 years old and married. I am a qualified Caregiver with CPR and First Aid Certificates

  14. Estiglor V. Hussin says:

    here is my contact number 00639273787869/00639164086872

  15. Hi! I’m Elizabeth D. Carlon, 35 years old. I am very much interested to apply as a CAREGIVER/NANNY in UK. Currently working in Singapore. I can manage to look after the newly born baby, can do household chores, i can even cook western food and can do also the marketing. To my prospected EMPLOYER, if you will hire me, iwill promised to do my best the DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. My contact #6583374689 and my email add. THANK YOU AND MORE POWER!!!

  16. Rosabel Kane says:

    Hello Im rosabel ,47yrs old from the philippines. im a caregiver and very much interested to work in UK as a caregiver. Mt contact number is 00639174249484.


  17. Jayson Tabamo says:

    Hi I,m Jayson D. Tabamo, I am from Philippines,26 years old and single.I wish to work as a caregiver for in UK preferably in London. I am a Registered Nurse and a Registered Caregiver with CPR and First Aid Certificates. My contact mo: 00639153979520 and my email add: THANKS.GODBLESS

  18. Ma.Evelyn A.Bocaling says:

    Im Ma.Evelyn A.Bocaling ,48 yrs old from the philippines but presently working here in hongkong as a nanny for four years already.I wish to work as a nanny or caregiver in UK England or in London whereevr theres a job opportunity.I also attended a seminar on care giver and have experience in caring for the older people even at home to give them proper assistance when theyre sick.My contact number is+85291742598 and +85291605310 and my email address is

  19. estelita m. uy says:

    sir , madam,
    i would like to apply in your good compony as a caregiver… 50 yrs old…wjat place in uk i assign is , i really appreciate it…..i have experiences as a caregiver, young and old,is not problem to me to be caregiver…..and if u choose me , to have work in uk, this is the 1st time i work with, outside the country,
    hoping that u give me a chance to work in uk
    thank you very much
    respectfully yours,
    estelita m. uy

  20. Sir,madam
    hello to my prospective Employer their in UK.i am Leonora Atin-an 33 years old.from recently work here in Beijeng China as a Nanny tutor.i been working before in Malaysia,Singapore and a nanny in Caregiver.based in my experience,im hardworking,honest, look after the young in old person.i dont have any certificate about caregiver,but i learned in actual.for new born baby,first experience in my own child.since they are new born.because of financial not enough for support my family,its hard to me to leave them.i start work as a nanny housekeeper/Caregiver,outside my Country.up to now still working but now in Beijing China.but i want to work in UK as Nanny housekeeper or Caregiver are available for almost 6years already.
    if any employer their that they want me to my num mobile.#+8613501200677 or my E-mail;
    thank you very much in God Bless!!!

  21. Mahraden D. Galang says:

    I am Mahraden D. Galang. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing.. I have 2 years experience working in the hospital.I would like to apply as caregiver if i would given a chance. I love dealing with different people with different attitudes. I can say I am flexible people cause i can deal with different people…I’m really interested working abroad especially in your country.. Thank you and Godbless

    Here is my Contact #: +63906-559-5593
    Here is my email Address:

  22. I’m a Filipina and married , I would like to apply as caregiver..
    Hoping for your appreciation! Thank you and God Bless..
    Here is my e-mail add:

  23. sharon says:

    hello, i’m Sharon, I studied nursing for 3 years, I am ex abroad i worked as caregiver in Israel for almost 5 and half years. I would like to work as caregiver in UK. Here is my email address Thank you and GOD Bless.


    APRIL 14 2012


  25. Benedictus C. Abadilla says:

    hi!i’m benedict 38 yrs old applying for caregiver i have experienced working as caregiver and I am a Bs. nursing 4th year and im a memeber of disaster response team from METRO MANILA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY with proper training and certificate and i have training from RED CROSS PHIL. with certificate i hope you can consider my application.

  26. Erik Jay Cablao says:

    Hi. Im 21years old from Philippines, a newly nurse board passer that is willing to work as a caregiver in United Kingdom.. Even though i dont have any experience, i assure you that i had this eagerness and passion to work..
    please do email me @
    thank you!

  27. Ngaafrank Mpuko says:

    my wife and i are experience care givers,and drivers . 9 years of experience looking for a care giver job opportunity in UK we South Africa permanent resident, we can travel any time from here to any country that will provide us with the job offer. Duties: Driving, shopping, cooking,cleaning, companionship,giving medicines,feeding,bathing,to mention only this (etc) NB. we have positive references. Looking for to hear from you. Mr& Mrs Mpuko.

  28. Hi good day!!!
    I would like to ask on how to apply as a caregiver or private nurse in United Kingdom? Trough direct hire, I am 30 years I have experience working as a private nurse to an 80 years old female patient for 6months I’ve been working as a staff nurse in HINigaran medical clinic as a volunteer nurse, and I have experience working abroad for 4 years as nanny..if you are interested on my profile you can email me thanks and godless,,

  29. mary rose fernandez says:

    Good DAy!,
    This is Mary Rose P. Fernandez,a nursing graduate..i wish to apply as a caregiver in canada or uk…am i qualified..where can i apply ? is there any direct hiring agency i can apply for? please phone me at +639057296922.

    Thank You So Much!

  30. Maechelle says:

    Hello mam/sir,
    Have a good day to you.Im Maechelle Cuevas 26 years old.I based now in Philippines.I would like to apply in your establishmebt as a caregiver.I have an experience for 5years up to present.I work well,in a private residence/as a companion caregiver.My client now is 10evge0years old by GOD’S Grace.I really care about her.I give everything the best i can.The reason i want to leave my job & to apply in your establishment as the said position.Because i want to give my family some enough money about in financial neefs.Not only that,i want to gain more experiences,to expand my knowledge as well as my skills in communicatibg & dealing with people in a career that optimizes professional growth.I really love challenging role.My dedication to my work,my duties,my responsibilities & obligations to my client/patient.U would find me open-minded,caring,reliable,honest,loyal,trustworthy,humble,patience,puntual,responsible & self-disciplined.Adding my genuine part & compassion for people.I am sensitive & responsive when it becomes in the needs of others.Hopefully i fit & make a valueable memberteam of your staff.If you give me a chance to provide me a working permit visa & to relocate in your country.I will be glad to hear that! My heart & my mind is willing to travel from Philippines to your country.Hoping for your favorable response I remain,Thank You.GOD BLESS.

  31. loryanne jardin says:

    Hope this message will finds you well. I wish to apply as a caregiver in your agency. I’m 35 years old, single mother and have 2 children. I have experienced caregiver for elderly. It will be very great if you can consider me for a position. My contact number is +971507040624. My email is

  32. loryanne jardin says:

    Hope this message will finds you well. I wish to apply as a caregiver in your agency. I’m 35 years old, single mother and have 2 children. I am experienced caregiver for elderly. It will be very great if you can consider me for a position. My contact number is +971507040624. My email is

  33. bebeth89 says:


    Hi am 27 years old,im really interesting to apply as a care giver,now im presnetly working here in King Abdul azzi specialist hospital taif kingdom of saudi arabea since 2009 till now as a staff nurse asigned in medical and surgical contact number is 0508809102..hoping for your reply..

    thank you so much

  34. bebeth89 says:

    this is my email

  35. Kasthoory Jeyathaas says:

    Dear sir/madam
    im kasthoory 29 years old woman from srilanka.and im seeking carUK. there for Iwould like to aapply for a job. if you please confirm ang give a chance to work with u all in there, Im the one who got happy in this world, bcz I’m looking after my mother. and I wanna earn money to tack care of my mother.

  36. Jesus Afable says:

    Dear Ma’am/Sir.Aside from a Physical Therapy graduate, I am also certified Caregiver from Philippines and would like to apply as a Caregiver in UK, New Zealand, Canada or Austalia. My email add is I can be contacted also at 639275372686. Thank you very much.

    Yours truly,

    Jesus Afable

  37. I wish to apply for a caregiver’s job or a live-in position as a companion in the US or UK. I am from Fiji and a retired school teacher.

  38. I wish to apply for a caregivers job or a live-in position as a companion in the US or UK.
    I am from Fiji and a retired school teacher.
    My email address is: and my phone contact is 679 8329 724.


  39. Gcobisa says:

    My name is Gcobisa Ladlokova from south Africa, I’m qualified caregiver with experience and I would love to relocate thank you.

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