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The word “au pair” comes from a French word “on par” which means “on equal terms”. In the old days, au pair refers to English girls teaching their language in France in exchange for lessons in French. Later on, the literal meaning of au pair was altered and caring for children became the main duty of an au pair instead of teaching. Now, the term au pair refers to unmarried young man or woman between the ages of 18 to 26 and possess basic childcare experience.

An au pair usually comes from a foreign country under an internationally approved guideline for au pair exchange programmes being implemented by IAPA or International Au Pair Association which is the global trade association for qualified au pair jobs agencies and companies, actively engaged in the au pair jobs industry. The main purpose of an au pair is mostly for cultural exchange while also serving as an integral part of a parenting team and that’s the main reason why the host family provides the chosen au pair jobs candidate with free room and board and paid a weekly pocket money. The au pair jobs candidate generally stay with the host family for 12 months and helps the host family by taking part in caring for the kids.

Most families and au pair jobs applicants participate in government authorized au pair exchange programs where there are certain set of rules and requirements. The rules and requirements that regulate the host family and the au pair jobs candidate differ depending on the country where the host family is situated. So if you’re planning on applying for au pair jobs, make sure that you know all the important information regarding the rules that must be followed by an au pair jobs applicant.

To know more info on all the IAPA accredited au pair jobs agency in each country, log on to their website at or click HERE

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  1. SEYI says:

    I need the email address of this advertiser

  2. caregiver says:


    Just click the word HERE at the bottom of my jobs post and you’ll be redirected to the list of all IAPA accredited agencies worldwide.

    Web Master

  3. Angeline says:

    i would be very much interested in taking up any caregiver job.
    kindly keep me posted on every available new update

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    i would be very much interested in taking up any caregiver job.
    kindly keep me posted on every available new updates

  5. moti shalom says:

    hi im moti shalom from israel.i have agency of caregivers here and im searching agency in australia to work with.i would like to work to agency in autralia in sending good and well experienced workers from israel.i will be happy if you give me some information.thanks and hope for your response.

  6. kristie grace morala alberca says:

    I wnt to apply job

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