Agency for Nanny and Caregiver Jobs

This Canadian owned and operated agency for nanny and caregiver jobs started out based on the idea that Canadians deserve a better way of finding loving and professional nanny and caregiver jobs candidates for their loved ones. It is a family owned and operated nanny and caregiver jobs agency that understands, from personal experience, how stressful and difficult it is to find the perfect nanny or caregiver jobs candidate for your family. And because every member of this nanny and caregiver jobs placement team had previously experienced the process of hiring a nanny or caregiver for their own family, they understand what their clients are going through… and they believe that there is a much better way.

To relieve the stress away from their clients caused by stringent selection procedures, this agency for nanny and caregiver jobs only select the very best and most qualified nanny and caregiver jobs candidates for introduction to their clients. By finding out what type of nanny or caregiver will best suit their clients personality and family situation, they are able to match the right nanny and caregiver jobs candidate to their clients and they handle any necessary paperwork quickly and smoothly.

In addition to the said nanny and caregiver jobs agency’s screening and application process, specific protocols are also implemented by the said nanny and caregiver jobs agency whether the caregivers are applying from Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel or other areas in the Middle East. And these specific protocols include:

  1. Medical examinations are thorough and complete
  2. Employment  references are checked
  3. Educational  attainments are verified
  4. Personal references are checked
  5. Language skills are verified

For more info on the said agency for nanny and caregiver jobs, just visit their website at or contact the said nanny and caregiver jobs agency through the following contact infos.

Trust Caregivers
Tel:     (905) 237 6266
Fax:     (905) 237 3112

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3 Responses to Agency for Nanny and Caregiver Jobs

  1. im 34 years old working as a helper her in phil. for 8 years… but i am finished my studying last 2010 of Elementary Education major in Sped im not good in english but im willing to know more in english… im only asking if u applied just like as Nanny they have a placement pay about the visa n other requirements to pay just only clarify….

  2. jovy layug says:

    good day.i am a mother of three kids. i am willing to take care other kids , that in return my kids can pursue their studies.. , i hope someone would hire me.. i just need a job.. big thanks…

  3. Rowena Condestable says:


    I currently lived in Hongkong and would like to ask if you have an agency here for me to apply. Also, kindly send me your e-mail address or other contact info to send my resume. Hoping that you respond to my inquiries. thank you.

    From: Rowena

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