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On September 2008, Ontario MPP Peter Fonseca was appointed Minister of Labor when he heard of the many problems of the Live- in Caregiver Program including the case of Juana Tejada. For those who didn’t know, is the Filipino caregiver in Canada who was nearly rejected as an immigrant when a medical exam showed that she had lung cancer that originated from her colon. She didn’t give up fighting for her right until her last dying breath until Citizenship and Immigration Canada rendered its favorable decision on her last dying wish that she be granted permanent residency based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Immediately after he heard the news, he held meetings with the Philippine Consul General Alejandro Mosquera and Labor Attache Frank Luna about the cases. Peter also called Federal Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney about the problems and asked him to fix it. Right now, Minister Fonseca has conducted a series of Round Table Discussions with leaders of caregivers organizations and the Filipino Community.

At one meeting, Fonseca invited Filipino leaders in his Riding of Mississauga East. At this meeting, he promised to ban the recruitment agencies in charging recruitment fees from caregivers. Penalties will be imposed on those who violate the law and blacklisted in their website. He knew this practice was already banned in Manila, Manitoba and British Columbia. However, the problems are those caregivers who exit from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Middle East and Europe. They are not being oriented on these policies. The Government has no control on those agencies outside the province.

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