Care Placement

A global care placement company that only began its operation in 2004 is now the largest and most accomplished care placement agency in Canada. They are the most accomplished care placement agency because of their professional service, distinguished track record and most of all for the quality caregivers they’ve matched with Canadian families over the years. The said care placement agency caters to Canadian families who want only the best and most qualified caregivers to take care of their love ones.

The said care placement agency has a large number of clients presently seeking their perfectly matched caregiver. And by working with over 10 other care placement agencies located in Asia, South America and the Caribbean, the said care placement agency hopes to fill in the need of their numerous clients. When applying for the said care placement agency, all care placement applicants must present the following:

  1. Work experiences, including phone numbers of the care placement applicant’s previous employers so that the care placement agency can contact them.
  2. All other documents supporting your education and experience
  3. Letters of reference they may have already given you
  4. Current contact information
  5. Family and medical history

For more info regarding the agency’s care placement, all care placement applicants can log on to their website at

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