Care Work in Canada

Care work has been a source of livelihood for many individuals in different countries. Care work provides them with a steady source of income and the gratefulness they receive for the care work they provide fills their heart with contentment. Besides the gratification they receive, being employed in care work also gives them the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures. And to top it all, care work can provide those engaged in this kind of profession, a long time if not permanent employment especially in times of crisis which the world is experiencing right now.

To provide more good news to those engaged in care work, a care work placement agency based in Ontario, Canada is offering an excellent opportunity to all overseas workers in Hong Kong who want to work and migrate to Canada. The said care work placement agency, which is the only placement agency licensed to operate in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Labour Board, is looking for qualified candidates for the different nannies, housekeepers, maids, and care work in Canada. The said care work placements can be either live in or live out, part time or full time and the chosen candidate for care work will also be working on a permanent status and will have the opportunity to permanently live in Canada.

All interested applicants for care work in Canada may contact the care work agency through the contact info specified below.

Family Matters Caregiver Services
174 Hammerstone Cres.
Thornhill, ON
L4J 8B2
Phone           (416) 633-0017
Fax         (905) 771-8885

Beth Kwong at Family Matters Caregivers (HK) Limited
Suite 4708, The Center
99 Queen’s Road
Central, Hong Kong
(852)9632 6188

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2 Responses to Care Work in Canada

  1. seyi says:

    Is this job meant for hong kong citizens/residents only ?

  2. caregiver says:


    That jobs post Care Work in Canada is for foreign individuals in Hong Kong but you can always send your inquiries through the E-mail address that I have provided in my job post Care Work in Canada.

    Good Luck

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