Caregiver Israel Requirements

There is a new system of employment for all foreign workers who want to work caregiver Israel. Under the new system, each caregiver Israel and his employer must register with one of the Licensed Recruitment Agencies duly authorized by the Israeli Government. To register, the caregiver Israel and his employer must personally visit one of the licensed recruitment agencies in Israel and fill out a registration application and return the filled up application form back to the agency for proper filing.

After filing the application for registration, the authorized recruitment agency must give the caregiver Israel applicant and his employer each a Certificate of Placement which states that both have registered with the agency. The Certificate of Placement must show clearly the following details:

  1. The date of registration.
  2. The name and address including the contact number of the agency.
  3. The address and ID Number of the employer.
  4. The name and passport number of the caregiver Israel applicant.

It is very important that the caregiver Israel applicant save the Certificate of Placement received from the Agency because it will provide evidence that the caregiver Israel applicant have been legally registered according to the new system of employment in Israel. With regards to the extension of working visa of the caregiver Israel worker, it will only be extended only after the caregiver Israel worker and his employer have registered with an authorized recruitment agency.

The agency may not charge the caregiver Israel or the employer any amount for their registration or for the issuance of the certificate of placement. But it may charge the employer for the extra services it may provide like quarterly visits, problem solving, assistance with medical insurance for the caregiver Israel worker, social security, and assistance with visa application and permits.

Before the caregiver Israel applicant can start employment, the recruitment agency whom the caregiver and the employer have registered, must notify the Migration Authority in the Ministry of the Interior about the details of the registration of the caregiver Israel applicant and his employer. This process is for verifying the details in their registration. If there is no problem, the Migration Authority will notify the agency within 7 days if the caregiver Israel applicant is authorized to work in Israel for the employer. If the Employment is turned down by the Authority, the Agency will explain to the Caregiver Israel applicant the reason for the rejection, furnish the Caregiver with a copy of the rejection notice, and inform him of the need to stop the employment and/or leave the country.

If the caregiver Israel worker decides to change employers, he must inform the Agency where he registered, which in turn will notify the Migration Authority of the change and issue a new Certificate of Placement.  If the Caregiver is laid off or becomes unemployed he must notify the Agency, which must assist him in looking for a new employment.

For a list of the licensed recruitment agencies in Israel, you may log on to their website at

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21 Responses to Caregiver Israel Requirements

  1. Greetings!

    I am Maria Riya Miranda, Filipina, now based here in Hong Kong for almost 5 months.

    I wouldlike to know how I could apply in Israel as Nanny/Caregiver and what are the qualifications.

    Looking forward of hearing from your good office soon.

    Thank you very much

  2. caregiver says:

    Ms. Miranda,

    I’ve recently posted an article about an agency in the Philippines that is searching for caregiver jobs applicants. The said agency is based in Makati and you can contact them by phone through the telephone numbers which I have provided in the same article.

    For more nanny and caregiver jobs, I suggest that you also visit my other website

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Web Master

  3. sunilkumar says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am an Indian male of 43 yrs. Fluent in English. I am having carring nature with obidiency and regularity in my working life. We are in India, having joint family and serving two elder persons in our home. Though they are our family members, I can serve the other people very nicely.

    I require some information on the recruitment agency for caregiver and their email address. Because I have number of recruitment agency in official site but there is no any email ID exists.

    So, if you can, pls. email me the email IDs. of recruitment agency in Israel for caregiver to elders. Thanking you sir ! S. N. Doshi

  4. Mark De Los Reyes says:


    I have an agency here in Manila and i’m applying for a caregiver, but the agency required me to pay a placement fee of US$ 5,400.00. Is it lawful or right?

    Hope you can shed light on this matter.

  5. greeings!

    I am presently working here in Cyprus for about 6 years now caring for an elderly but i’m planning to move to Israel to become a caregiver.I just couldn’t figure out if there are agencies here where i could submit applications for this purpose without going back to my country of origin to avoid paying a huge amount of money.My friends informed me there’s one from Limassol (i’m living in Nicosia)but don’t know the name of the agency.Pls help.

    Thank you very much.

  6. Marilyn A. Tani says:

    I am a Filina,working here in Hong Kong almost 3 years.And it is my heart’s desire to work there, in Israel.How and where can apply? Please help me.God blessed you.

  7. caregiver says:

    Marilyn Tani,

    To apply for any Caregiver Work Abroad posted on my website, just follow the instructions stated in each article.

    Thanks for visiting Caregiver Work Abroad.

  8. Suman Garai says:

    Sir, ‘m an Indian presently living in India. ‘m phusicaly and mentaly very much fit. 38 yrs of age. waiting to work as caregiver in Israel. how and where to apply if you can help me a little.
    wth full respect – Suman garai

  9. Suman Garai says:

    Sir, ‘m an Indian presently living in India. ‘m phusicaly and mentaly very much fit. Male, 38 yrs of age. waiting to work as caregiver in Israel. how and where to apply if you can help me a little.
    wth full respect – Suman garai

  10. ashish tyagi says:

    helooo iam 30 years old indian medically and physically very fit and i want to work in israel, i wanna do caregiver job

  11. raymond says:

    i just want to ask the age braket of male who wants to apply in israel as a caregiver

  12. Preeti Lopes says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am an Indian and have worked in Israel as a caretaker since Sep 2006 till Aug 2009. Due to certain family problems, I had to leave my job and return back to India.

    Now I want to go back and work in Israel again. Could you please let me know if it is possible for me to return again & if yes, what do I need to do. I mean how do I apply for it?

    Please reply.

    Thank you

  13. Hi Dear all
    If need Israel Caretaker visa please contact my ID
    My son dipesh khatri’s frends In Israel and he work for caretaker visa In Israel. please contact my id and give me all details abt yours

    Bhupesh Khatri (Ahmedabad – Guarat)

  14. ajay says:

    Dear sir , I am ajay subba from india how can I apply and where I have to apply which ajency OFFICE ? could I know the address or contact that I can contact with ajency then I can apply to work in caregiver in ISRAEL

  15. parmar mukesh says:

    Hi sir
    i am indian i want come in israel befor i thaer finish job for cear giver but i live my cuntry befor five years so what i go there posibal pls… help me

  16. Ajay Lama says:

    I’m Ajay lama
    From m.m.tarai belgachi West Bengal,Darjaling
    Actually I apply isreal for caregiver but 4 months finish
    Non have any result .now I retrun take my all document and I’m
    Searching best agent can you gave the best agency
    Contact no please help me

  17. Ajay Lama says:

    Can you tell me all friends how to check the
    Isreal caregiver visa could u gave the online web site please

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