Caregiver Requirements in UK

Last year, the United Kingdom began implementing the new caregiver requirements based on the new points system that were substituted for most of their existing work-based categories wherein a caregiver is classified under the Tier 2 General which is the skilled worker category. The skilled worker category are for individuals coming to the UK with a skilled job offer from an employer which is one of the caregiver requirements before entering the UK. This is usually the case when an employer in the United Kingdom cannot find a settled worker to fill the gap in their workforce.

Caregiver Requirements when applying for a caregiver job in the UK

Before an individual can apply as a caregiver under the skilled worker category, one of the caregiver requirements is to have a job offer from an employer or a sponsor in the UK, and you need to have a valid certificate of sponsorship. Upon your application, you will be awarded some points according to their new points-based system which will base on you’re:

  1. Qualifications
  2. Future expected earnings
  3. Sponsorship
  4. Skills in the English language
  5. Available maintenance funds

Caregiver Requirement for the length of stay or employment in the UK

Upon completing all the caregiver requirements and you are given the privilege to stay in the United Kingdom under the Tier2 General as a skilled worker, the caregiver will now be able to live and be employed in the UK. But, the maximum caregiver requirement of a caregiver’s employment or stay in the UK should not exceed 3 years and one month. Or, in some cases, the time specified in their certificate of sponsorship plus one month, whichever is shorter. After that they will need to apply for an extension of their stay as a Caregiver under the Tier 2 General of the caregiver requirements.

If a caregiver is allowed to extend their stay in the UK, they will be given another 2 years or the time specified in their certificate of sponsorship plus 14 days. Usually, the one with the shorter period of time will be the one to be followed. But, once the caregiver has legally stayed in the United Kingdom for five continuous years which is the caregiver requirement for settlement, they now have the right to live permanently in the United Kingdom. If the caregiver did not avail of this privilege they must file a new application which is a caregiver requirement under the new points-based system.

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51 Responses to Caregiver Requirements in UK

  1. My name is Dhanushka. I’m a Srilankan. I’m 24 years old. For the moment I’m working in Singapore as a Caregiver. I have for years expirians about this job. I would like to apply for this job. Thank you.

  2. lorna agumino says:

    Hi..My name is Lorna agumino 32 yrs of age.single and a filipina.I am presintly working as nanny in singapore and had been working with one employer a chinese family for 8 years now..I am looking for a caregiver job in Uk or any part of europe.
    you can reach me in my email add

    thank you and God Bless!

  3. caregiver says:

    Ms. Agumino and Dhanushka

    In order for you to apply for a caregiver job in UK, you need to have any of the following requirements like a working holiday visa, UK ancestry visa, a valid EU passport, or UK right to abode certificates for you to be able to work UK in either temporary or permanent caregiver UK jobs. If you do not have any of the above mentioned papers, you need to have a sponsor who is a citizen of the United Kingdom and you need to be registered with the GSCC to work as caregiver UK in the social care sector.

  4. ceres aries says:

    im fresh graduate of nursing i would like go to UK what would be the process. Is their any agency for caregiver?
    who would i contact with?kindly email it to any information or details.

  5. caregiver says:

    Mr. Anacleto,

    If you want to apply for caregiver jobs in UK, there is now a POEA approved job order for UK Jobs in Care. To know the recruitment company involved, just visit my other website and read the article titled UK Jobs in Care. Be sure to check with the recruitment agency if the job order is still active or not.

    There is another option if you want to work in UK either as a nurse or as a caregiver. There is a training center in UK that specializes in placing overseas students into UK care homes for On the Job Training which is needed for their NVQ or National Vocational Qualifications in the health and social care sector of the UK. To know the details, just read my article on titled OJT in UK for Caregivers.

    For more agencies in search of nanny or caregiver jobs applicants, just visit my other website Nanny Jobs Online at

    For nursing jobs abroad, just visit my website Nursing Jobs Abroad for Filipinos at

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Web Master

  6. kristine... says:

    hi good day, i am a newly graduate midwife and i think it is good opportunity to me to work in U.K., and i want to know all requirements. pls. contact me at for any details and information…thank you very much…godbless….

  7. I’m 23 years old, working as a massage therapist for 4 years now. I’m a fresh graduate on the caregiver course.. And dream to work in uk.. Hope I can have more Info bout it… Thanks…

  8. i finished a six{6}months caregiver course and had experienced taking care of an old man and woman.i am willing to apply and work in uk.

  9. Anil says:

    hello i am from india name Anil age 45 years i have 3 year expirience as a care giver in Israel now my drem to go uk and serve the people i have knolage of English Hindi Gujarati write and speak also i speak Hebrew i am Bcom graduate contact me on

  10. mary anne says:

    Good day, I’m Mary Anne from Philippines, working as caregiver here in Israel for almost 3yrs. How can i get the following requirements
    like a working holiday visa, UK ancestry visa, a valid EU passport, or UK right to abode certificates for you to be able to work UK in either temporary or permanent caregiver UK jobs, if we are here in this country? What are the steps to get the said requirements? Can u please help me in this matter…

    thank you!

  11. Dante Evasco Jr says:

    hi,,, I am Dante Evasco Jr. Nursing Graduate and applying as caregiver in UK. Email me at

  12. Derwin O. Cueto says:

    isang magandang araw sa inyo..ako po si derwin cueto nagtapos ng caregiving course at nais ko po sana magamit ang aking pingaralan sa caregiving sa pamamagitan ng pagtatrabaho sa uk….email nyo po ako sa Maraming salamt po

  13. hi, im jennifer visande graduate associate office administration,6 months caregiver apply i have a email add.

  14. Michelle Dela Merced says:

    Hi im Michelle dela Merced a graduate of 6month caregiving course,have completed TESDA NCII and OJT in homecare and in the problem is that i dont have 72 units in college..can i still apply as a caregiver in UK?i need to know your reply regarding this matter ..thank you very much and more power!

  15. marjo says:

    hi im marjo and a filipina and im a fresh graduate og caregiver course,.i would like to apply as a caregiver in the said country but i dont know the recruitment agency..
    please indicate the recruiment agency..
    god bless..

  16. Im applying caregiver in oxford uk we have a middle man here in manila Philippines i was signed a contract of a caregiver replacement i submit my certificate in caregiving last march 2010, until now we r waiting for the reply of my employer, how long it takes for the application there?

  17. mark adrian ramos says:

    good day!!im adrian a filipino. i really want to work as a caregiver in a nursing home in uk.. i am currently taking up professional care giver course and hpefully i will be finished my studies this coming october 2010, regarding this, my concern is that can i apply in london since i will be a fresh graduate of caregiver.. well, i have the source for my paper processing but then again i dont know how to,and im worried because i dont have experience yet. although, my cousins is living their i still dummo what to do, thanks and can you please email me at; thank you so much and have a great day..

  18. caregiver says:

    Mark Adrian Ramos,

    Click HERE to view my article about a POEA approved Student Care Worker Hiring for UK and the qualifications you need to meet to be considered for the said student care worker hiring for UK.

    Thanks for visiting Caregiver Work Abroad.

  19. alex says:

    peace and good day!
    Im alex jude clarido, 29, a filipino, would like to ask your good office some questions that would help me to start the process on applying a caregiver jobs in UK.
    I’m a graduate of a caregiving course, and acquired training regarding elderly care,i undergo also trainings on first aid and emergency care.Actually i have my sister in law now residing in Uk and she is already a citizen there, would be possible that she and her husband (a British National) might be my sponsor?
    What requirements they will provide for them for my sponsorship? What do GSCC means? Looking forward for an answer… Thank you!

  20. Jessa says:

    Hi im jessa Guzman 18 years old finished of 2years practical nursing last june 10,2010.And i would like to apply as a carwgiver in UK.I have my OJT in 2 hospitals as a nursing assistant.I want to apply as a caregiver to used what ive been studied.YOu can email me at or u can call me at 09296934450..Thankyou?!!!

  21. madel says:

    hello im madel im working at this moment as a caregiver here in australia.i have certification from kimberly tafe..aged care certification 111, i also have first aid certification here in australia,,i would like to know if im able to have a work visa in uk,,im looking forward for an answer thank…

  22. Maya says:

    I am teaching grade 1 & 2 elementary in an international school in Jakarta-Indonesia. I love and experience to work with kids (preschooler-elementary ages) I need a temporary job during X’mas holiday between December 18- January 6. I don’t expect a high salary (standard/negotiable) but I need accomodation arrangement. Please don’t hestite to contact me (+6287885865660)

  23. Eilen Lagrana says:

    Hi, my name is Eilen Lagrana. 31 yrs.old. A fresh graduate of Caregiving Course in University Of Batangas Philippines. I took TESDA exams on July 22,2010 and passed NCII. I’ve been trained in two different Hospitals (Private and Government) and also experienced to workd in Home for the Aged and Special Patients as part of our O.J.T. Also been trained in Red Cross for emergency purposses.
    But before then,I’ve been working in Hongkong for more than 10yrs as a nanny with Filipino and British family. Been to the U.K. for several times with my British employer and holding a working holiday Visa.
    Also, I have a 2yr old son from my British Ex-boyfriend and my son is holding a British passport and he’s a british citizen.
    I want to know if I can get this opportunity to work in the U.K. as a Caregiver?? Do you provide UK visa or do I need to provide myself??? And what kind of visa I can possibly get under my son’s status????
    I hope u can help me with this as i’m realy,realy interested to work in the U.K in any qualified possition..Pls. contact me to this number for any concern….cel#; 63 9396104741
    Thank u and more power to u all…
    Eilen Lagrana

  24. imtiaz kabir says:

    hi, i m imtiaz from bangladesh. i m mba holder. but i want to be a caregiver in uk. plz help me at this mail…..

  25. Laiza Castro Musngi says:

    Dear Sir/Mam

    I’am Laiza C. Musngi age of 25 years old I want to work if what are available country ( CANADA UK OR USA ) Please help me to find a job because I want to work as a caregiver I am midwifery graduate in ( UNIVERSITY OF REGINA CARMELI ) I had an experience 4 years before as a nurse in ( HOLY TRINITY HOSPITAL IN ARAYAT PAMPANGA ) I am hoping to read my email. THIS IS MY CONTACT NUMBER ( 09398124679 )I’need your response sir/mam as soon as possible

  26. beverlyn says:

    hello, im beverlyn roa 25 yrs, old want work as care giver in UK or canada..a nursing grad. and also graduating as professional care giver coming month of may..hoping to have work on the preference country..this is my contact no, +639205079724…thank you and godbless..

  27. john says:

    i may not be that smart nor rich to get those degrees but i am a honest, good person wanted to go and work in U.K. as a caregiver. i am graduate of caregiver program at the zamboanga puericulture school of allied medicine under T.E.S.D.A. here in philippines, i have a license to work given by tesda because i am a NC-II passer. i am only a college level had earned 98 units taking up mechanical engineering (under graduate). hope for your response. i am john denniel tiapon a 24 year old young man simple and independent person. e-mail me at thanks and more power to each and everyone here.

  28. I’am Marilou D.Kasilag age of 32 years old,im fresh graduate of caregiver iwould like go to UK.and i think it is good opportunity to me to work in UK.I finished a six months caregiver course and had experienced taking care of an old man,woman and a special child.I graduated in University of Batangas,i’am willing to apply and work in UK.Please help me to find a job…you can reach me in my email you and God Bless….

  29. Juan Ramon Perez says:

    Good Day!
    I’m Juan Ramon Perez 24 years old, I’m a graduating student of Bachelor of Science in Nursing here in Bacolod City, Philippines this coming end of March.I am very much willing to apply as a caregiver in your country. I am a hardworking and dedicated person and I do love dealing with other people..I’m very interested to do work in your country as caregiver please help me on how to make it possible..You can contact me through email… here’s my email add Im looking forward for your response..thank you very much..

  30. Juan Ramon Perez says:


    Juan Ramon Perez

    please refer to this email instead above…thankss

  31. Juan Ramon Perez says:

    I’m Juan Ramon Perez 24 yrs old and I’m a graduating student of BSN this coming end of March.I want to work in your country as a care giver.I’m willing to accept job that would require me in taking care of the elderly and handicapped. I believe that with the experiences I had encountered at the hospital for my on the job training as a student nurse, I am competent enough to perform the duties as a caregiver and I also believed that this would be a big help for me to have effective caring to my patient…please email me in this add your response is much appreciated…thank you very much..

  32. mr. Web master,

    good day! im jhoanna,and same with other person interested on this post,im a caregiver graduate and already passed the NCII exam last 2008. my worry is that i don’t have any working experience yet in caregiving but i already worked on different are you accepting caregivers without experience??im actually willing to undergo on the said training. I’ll appreciate it more if you share some information.tnx! more power!

  33. hello i’m Judeline M. Babon 32yers old,graduated at Marry Johnston College this year of april and already passed the NC11 exam this year.Ojt at the Hospital all department.Iam initiative student(clinical duty)I want to work at UK as a caregiver.THANK YOU.

  34. Reggie J. Miguel says:

    hi.I am Reggie J. Miguel from Laoag City, and i would like to apply as a caregiver in UK. I did trained as caregiver wherein i did my OJT’s in Veterans Memorial Medical Center and Estrella Home Care Clinic right after was my Asessment(TESDA)were i passed the trade test..I am looking forward for your reply the soonest possible of your time…

  35. Geraldine Vollenhoven says:

    Hi, i am Geraldine age 66 and still in very good health passed my Health X-rays and i am a Certified Geriatric Caregiver in Phase I and II Basic and Advance Caregiver combined – i did my Practicals at the Home for the Elderly where i live in Somerset West – South Africa and did the course through the Act of Grace 33 – Helderberg Society Training Centre – and i am still working for the elderly on a volunteer basis until i find work overseas – i have a great passion for the work i do for the Elderly and just loooooove working with them as they need soo much love and tender care – i would soo much love to obtain work in the UK if possible – i hope that i will be succesful. Thanks.

    20th July 2011 @ 5.45pm

  36. Hello, I’m looking for a job as a care give.I finish bachelor of Science in Nursing this 2011 young and single.You can contact me at 09153456473 or call me at 4033976.

  37. Hi I’m marjorie I took up bachelor of Science in Nursing and I’m willing to work as a caregiver.Just contact me at 09152698198.

  38. Kristine Elaine T. Malacca says:

    Sir, madam,

    Im a fresh graduate i finished 6 months of caregiving practices and training and im now looking for a job .. and im willing to work and applied my experiences hope u hire me

  39. gielyn corporal says:

    i am gielyn, 25 from the philippines, a caregiver. I am hardworking and willing to work in UK. here is my email address… thank you

  40. Hello to my prospective employer, i am Leonora Atin-an 33 yrs old.From philippines,working a nanny/caregiver for almost 6 years here in asian.i wanted to work in UK as a Caregiver.i am hardworking,honest and recently work in Bejieng China as a nanny tutor..if any vacancies their please contact me or E-mail no#+8613501200677..thanks and God Bless!!

  41. lornie says:

    hi i am lornie,20years old i am newly finished my caregiver course ,i just want to ask if i have a chance to work in UK even if i dont have 4 years course of nurse i just have caregiver certificate from TESDA.
    please i need info on how i can work using my caregiver me at

  42. mary ann mondido says:

    Hi! im mary ann mondido graduate of computer secretarial and 6 mos. caregiver training program.. im recently working here in lebanon as a nanny so hopefully, im looking for a caregiver job before i finish my contract here on june..hope to hear from you also seeking for someone who is willing to make a sponsorship from me..thank you!

  43. Minerva says:

    hi,,, im Minerva,,im working here in israel for almost 2 yrs as a caregiver,,,i wanted to finished working 2 yrs here,, and i wanted to exit there in uk to apply as a caregiver also,, what are the following requirements needed in order for me to exit in UK could you pls email me at thank you…

  44. NeilSriee says:

    Hi ,
    I’m Neil Sriee and I have been a caregiver for the last 20 years in the United States. I’m looking for an opportunity to help folks in the New Zealand who are mentally challenged, visually impaired or physically challenged. Prolapse patients are also one of the areas I’m specialised in. I’m a Malaysian citizen.
    Pls give me a call at +60123956359.
    Thank you for your consideration

  45. My name is Suranga janith kumara,I’m a Sri Lankan.
    I’m 24yers old.I’m a for I’am working as caregiver jordan english family for two years & i am
    working Two years Elders home care giver in Sri lanka.I’am looking for a caregiver job in U.K Or any
    part of europe.
    You can reach me in My E
    mobille no-+94725430631.

  46. santhi says:

    my name is santhi 4m india36 years old i would like2 work uk i have exprence 8 years caregiver homes&authistic people ple can u give me opurrinty with regards this is my id ple contract me

  47. malensia muukua says:

    I would like to apply for caregiver as these is what i love to do,although i have no experiences.. I will do this from the bottom of my heart.

  48. cha says:

    is this still available?

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