Caregiver Salary in Canada

Being hired as a caregiver in Canada presents many advantages and opportunities. You’ll have the advantage of having the right caregiver salary that is required by law in each region of Canada. And the opportunity of becoming a permanent resident and enjoy all the privileges given to a Canadian citizen. Below is the list of caregiver salary that is given to caregiver jobs holder in the different regions of Canada.







44 hours per week NB Must pay for 44 hr/week


British Columbia

$8 per hour

40 hours week

$325 per month


$8.75 per hour

No provisions

Board: $20.00 per week Room: $20.00 per week

New Brunswick

$7.75 per hour

44 hours per week

Allowed but must not render wages below provincial minimum wages

Newfoundland & Labrador

$8.00 per hour

40 hours per week

“Reasonable” rental charges for room

Nova Scotia

$8.10 per hour

No provisions; employer must pay overtime for hours worked over 48

$65 per week


$9.25 per hour

48 hours per week

$369.42 per month $85.25/wk

Prince Edward Island


60 hours per week

$45.00 per week


$8.50 per hour

40 hours per week

Cannot deduct any amount for room and board


$9.50 per hour

40 hours per week

$250 per month

Northwest Territories

$9.68 per hour

44 hours per week

$400 per month


$9.68 per hour

44 hours per week

$400 per month


$8.37 per hour

44 hours per week

$152 per month

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21 Responses to Caregiver Salary in Canada

  1. prisca says:

    I am interested in this job for care giver;



    $9.62/hr 44 hours per week NB Must pay for 44 hr/week $336/mont

    Please you can contact me on +2348037518578
    and email ;


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  4. jomar bugarin says:

    I’m Jomar Bugarin,seeking a job.I’m graduate of Bachelor of Science In Nursing.A registered Nurse.I already have my Experience in Hospital specifically in Medical Surgical Ward as a nursing assistant and now i`m working as a staff nurse.

  5. caregiver says:

    Mr. Bugarin,

    Almost all articles that I have posted on my website Caregiver Work Abroad corresponds to a specific placement agency in search of qualified applicants for caregiver jobs. All you have to do is contact each agency through the contact infos that I provided in each article to know more details about the said caregiver jobs. If the article that I have posted doesn’t have any contact info, then the purpose of that article is for public infomation only and not as a recruitment agency.

    For more agencies offering nanny and caregiver jobs, I suggest that you also visit the website Nanny Jobs Online at

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Web Master

  6. jeremiah says:

    I am from kenya,can I be set air ticket?

  7. Floramie says:

    i am very much interested to apply as a care giver in Canada.
    I am a graduate of bachelor of science in nursing and I’m also a registered nurse. i have already attended lots of seminars and some trainings but i don’t have hospital experience yet. Am I qualified to apply for this job? if yes, i would like to know the process and how long will it take? thanks and more power

  8. Kersten says:

    I would like o apply as a caregiver. I am a registered Nurse here in the Philippines, I have 1 year experience working at the hospital in Oncology department. I am interested to work full time.

    My email address is
    My contact number is: +639219530004.

    Thank you.

  9. andrea says:

    i want to apply as caregiver. I am a registered nurse..

  10. andrea says:

    please contact me at

  11. mary grace gallardo says:

    hello im a registered nurse here in philippines and i would like to work as a caregiver in lethbridge, alberta canada. my contact number is +639216385141

  12. menchie says:

    hi im menchie graduate of bachelors degree in psychology. i experienced working in home for agent for my on-the -job trainee i would like to work as a caregiver anywhere in canada.. pls contact me 09308916932.. thank you!!

  13. Magdalina Talavera says:

    I’m interested to apply for a caregiver in canada. I am presently working in England, United Kingdom now. I am working for almost (5) five years now in this company as a Senior Carer in the Nursing Home. But the cost of living here is quiet too expensive. I want to find a green pasture if possible to support my family. I am a filipino. I have been working in one of the hospital in the Philippines for few years, been worked in Hongkong for (4) years, and more than a year in Taiwan too. If you can help me please, to find a job as a caregiver in Canada, i would be very greatful. I’m a Health Aid graduate. My mobile number here in the U.K is; +447403061700. Thank you very much. God Bless.

  14. Ma. Rinalen Galapon says:

    hello I’m interested to apply for a caregiver in canada. but i am not finish in my study as a caregiver.., what i mean is can i send my resume so that if i finish my study and experiencing i’ll surely work in canada.., i am willing to work overtime..

  15. Esther says:

    Good day!

    I am a certified caregiver as assessed under the TVET Qualifications and Certification System after taking up the six months caregiver training program. I want to work as caregiver in Canada. I hope you can help and give me more information on how I can present myself application. Thanks and more power!

  16. am deeply interested in this job please may you consider me

  17. Jacque says:

    Good day!! I am a registered nurse from philippines, working here in kingdom of saudi arabia for 4 years. I want to work as a caregiver in canada. I looking forward for your positive response thru email. Thanks!!

  18. Cathyrine says:

    Hi! I’m a Registered Nurse in the Philippines. I have worked in the hospital for two years. I’m interested to apply for this position. Please contact me. Thank you

    Mobile #: 09105584668
    Email Add:

  19. Nontobeko Simelane says:

    im a 34 year old swazi female .im looking for a caregivers job in Canada

  20. Nosipho Lorraine Gwija says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My Name is Nosipho Lorraine Gwija ,a black South African and I am 34 years old.
    I Am looking for a job as a care giver and I would like to know your requirements,I have worked as a carer in the United Kingdom for 4yrs and in South Africa also.I have worked at the old age homes,mental,hospital,general hospital and as a live in care giver where by I was looking after bedridden clients.

    I Am looking forward to hear from you

    Thank you

  21. Ayu rosely says:

    I’m seeing nannys working in Toronto Canada. Please contact me email : Phone : +886979444297 + 6285861919691. Thank you

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