Caring Jobs

A service oriented in home care and support agency is seeking people with passion in caring for others to join their team of caring jobs professionals. The said in home care agency is committed to helping their clients feel relaxed and secure by hiring caring jobs professionals to provide their clients with personal care and support for their well being.

The caring jobs candidates should be caring, considerate, reliable, honest, and compassionate towards their clients. The said caring jobs vacancy is a casual work with flexible hours and involves personal care, social support, meal preparations, doing some shopping for some household and personal items, and domestic assistance which also includes transportation support.

For the chosen caring jobs candidates, the home care agency will provide full training which also includes on the job training. A thorough background and reference check is mandatory for the chosen caring jobs applicants.

For more info regarding the caring jobs vacancy, you may log on to or visit their office at:

Suite G11
1-15 Barr Street
Balmain NSW 2041

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 811, Rozelle NSW 2039

02 9818 8004

02 9818 8003


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30 Responses to Caring Jobs

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  2. seyi says:

    Are Africans welcomed to apply for this job ?
    How long does it take to relocate after the job contract ?

  3. Caregiver says:

    Anyone is welcome to apply for this job as long as they are eligible to work in New South Wales

  4. Angel says:

    I am a registered nurse presently working in the Philippines. How can I apply for the job?

  5. SEYI says:

    I have never been to Australia before,therefore I’m i eligible to apply ?

  6. How I Lost Thirty Pounds in Thirty Days says:

    Hi, nice post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I will certainly be subscribing to your blog.

  7. Husna says:

    Hi..I’m interested to work as a caregiver in Australia. Is it possible for you to sponsor me from Indonesia?

  8. elizabeth says:

    Hi, i am a Filipina nurse presently residing in Madrid, Spain. I have 2 years of experience as a caregiver in a nursing home in Madrid. I want to migrate and work in Australia, how can i apply in your agency? You can reply me here.. -thanks!

  9. brenda says:

    im brenda im filipina presently residing in kuala lumpur, it possible for you to sponsor me to work in australia? im interested to work as a caregiver.

  10. brenda says:

    im brenda,im filipina,presently living in kuala lumpur, intereste to work as a caregiver it is possible for me to work in australia?

  11. caregiver says:

    Ms. Brenda,

    For inquiries on the said Caring Jobs, just log on to the agency’s website at or send your inquiries to the agency’s Email address I have provided in the same article where you posted your comment.

    For more agency’s offering nanny and caregiver jobs, I suggest that you also visit the website Nanny Jobs Online at

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Web Master

  12. daisy says:

    Hi, i am a Filipina obtained a 6 months training caregiver course and passed the TESDA exam. presently residing in Dubai U.A.E. i have 2 years experience as caregiver/nanny in sigapore and 2 years day care teacher/worker in a day care center.i want to apply either caregiver or nanny how can i apply in your agency? You can reply me here.. -thanks!

  13. caregiver says:


    For inquiries on the said Caring Jobs, you can Email the agency involved and their Email address is

    For more agencies offering jobs abroad, I suggest that you also visit these websites:

    Thanks for visiting Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Web Master

  14. ravi chanderamani says:

    I am very interested to work as a care giver in Australia… Hope you can help me…
    Here’s my email

  15. hi mam/sir

    im ms.jennifer gemino 26 year old,im a underboard nurse,i have an experience in hospital as a volunteer nurse for 2 years.i have also certificate of TESDA as a hardworking,fastlearning,and patience.hope you would be given me a chanc to work in your country.

  16. Alma Clavite says:

    Hi! My name is Alma from Davao City, Philippines. I completed a 6 months caregiving course last May 2003 and I am also trained from different hospitals and institution in Davao City. Both child care and elderly. I passed the Caregiver Examination conducted by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Philippines last May 28, 2003.. I wanted to apply caregiver abroad. Can you help me? How to process my papers and what should i do? Thanks. God Bless

  17. Jonh roy malig says:

    I graduated as a nurse in philippines, and my parents are at darwin australia. I wanted to w0rk there to build my future and be with my family.

  18. hi!
    I’m completed the seven month caregiver course and I want to apply as a caregiver in Australia. I’ve passed the caregiver examination conducted be Technical education and Skills Development Authority. I want to share my skills and knowledge. Please…

  19. A Pleasant day !!!!
    I’m 39 years old, single,working in Kuwait as a Dental nurse for a decade, presently employed to a hospital as a staff nurse assigned in OPD-Pedia.Looking for a job in Australia who can give the chance to prove that i have the passion in taking care of elderly.There is nothing more to say about me.Hope there is a suitable job for me there. Thanks for reading. Simply me…

  20. felmafrondoza says:

    hi, my name is felma,single parents,presently working here in hongkong as a caregiver for 20 years from now with thesame employer ..i am very interested to the work said that you are offering..i’ve been taking care elderly person and do the chilcare as well..i would love to work in your country for the better future of my family.hope you would be able to help me work in your country as a care giver..thank you very much!

    yours faithfully,
    felma from hongkong

  21. felmafrondoza says:

    felma frondoza.telnos..00852-98431502..thank you so much ..

  22. erika says:

    hi im erika, im a filipina can i apply as a caregiver , im a certified caregiver willing to work in any environment just to show my careness to an elderly person,.. im 22 of aged now turning 23 this a hardworking person easy to cope up in any job even if it is not related to my course just to give care, happiness, and love to other,. i would love to work in australia as my relatives are there in sydney.Thank you for considering.

  23. Jerovy says:

    im here right now in Dubai..and i would like to know on how to apply as a caregiver in Canada, UK or australia? Thank you very much. more power.

  24. I am an hornest, reliable and hard working person I am a permerment resident of New Zealand, I am working as Nurse Aid or Caregiver in one of the Elderly home in New Zealand, I love the job and being doing it for years and because I wanted to try the same job in another country and I would love to try Australia. Please contact me if more information needed about me.

  25. elena mortega says:

    Good day!
    hi i wanted to apply on your good office.. i am a filipina and was presently working here in UK as a care assistant and studying at the same time of NVQ 2&3 health care. I worked in a home care especialized with people who had a dementia.I am a hard working person and willing to work at any time. I wanted to try the same job if you will give me a chance.


  27. jhun lacsina says:

    hi do you have for male cargiver?im 40 yrs old 14 years working as a caregiver in you have job for me.ty

  28. I’m Jerson D. Dulatre from Philippines ,48 years old . Can you help me to find caregiving job in Australia .I’ve been working in Israel for almost six years,I’m here already in the Philippines. My cell no. is 09184636247

  29. sophia garwe says:

    hie!,im sophia.Im a holder of a bachelor of science honours degree in psychology and willing to work as a care giver.where do i start?

  30. sophia garwe says:

    Currently,im a secondary school teacher in zimbabwe and has been in that field for five 30 years contact cell number is 00263 774 124 346

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