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In 1998, three Canadian business executives started the operation of this job caregiver agency. And with their combined experience as mothers and their many years of work in diverse fields, they were able to form a dedicated and professional team to serve the clients of the said job caregiver agency. At present, the said job caregiver agency offers full service employment and placement service specializing in the care for the elderly and handicapped, nursing (nurse’s aides and RNs), in hospital care, and care post hospital discharge at home, and post partum care of newborns.

To qualify for recruitment by the said job caregiver agency, all job caregiver applicants must:

  1. Be between 18-45 years old, and have completed the equivalent of Canadian grade 12. For the Philippines this is equivalent to 76 units of post secondary education. In many other countries this is equivalent to a college education.
  2. Have 12 months of work experience in job caregiver or in a related field in the three years prior to applying. In other words, if the employer in Canada is an elderly woman, the job caregiver experience should have been with seniors. In lieu of work experience, a job caregiver training program may be accepted.
  3. Be able to speak either English or French.

For overseas job caregiver applicants who need an employer and wish to come to Canada as Live In Caregiver, please download and fill up their application form which can be found at the URL below. Once it is filled in, please fax or mail it to their offices.

Mother’s Little Helper
147A Dufferin
Montreal QC H3X 2Y2
Fax: (514) 288-8655

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  1. junalie says:

    hi! i am looking for a job as a caregiver or a nursing attendant..i am a graduate of bachelor of science in nursing..i am proud to say that i am hardworker and responsible..i just need assistance for the processes and if permitted, just deduct it with the salary.. here is my email add if you want to contact me:
    thank you, God be with you always and have a nice day! ^_^

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