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A caregiver and nanny placement agency with over 20 years of recruitment experience is seeking qualified applicants for their various nanny jobs and jobs caregiver vacancies. The company’s mode of operation is worldwide and they recruit nannies and caregivers from Europe, Asia, Israel, and South America and place them with families in Canada who needs the assistance being provided by nannies and caregivers.

Many Canadians mostly prefers nannies and jobs caregiver applicants from abroad because they are the ones who are more motivated to work harder and they are the ones who lasts longer and provides excellent service with regards to this line of work. The said nanny and jobs caregiver recruitment agency also helps Canadian families find locally available jobs caregiver applicants for elderly care and child care to work on a part time, full time, or temporary work contract.

To assure their clients of the quality of their recruitment to deployment services, the company only selects experienced and qualified nannies and jobs caregiver candidates from different backgrounds to provide their clients’ families with the right kind of nanny or caregiver assistance they need by providing with three levels of home support to choose from:

Personal Care

This is composed of personal assistance which includes bathing, grooming, and medication assistance for post surgery etc.


This includes some housekeeping tasks like dishwashing, light housekeeping, laundry, and grocery shopping for some house hold and personal things.


This includes accompanying the client in some social activities like outings, walking, visiting a friend or a doctor, and sometimes accompanying them is some social functions or events.

Jobs Caregiver Qualifications:

  1. Completion of the equivalent of a Canadian High School education.
  2. 6 months full time training or 1 year experience working in the same capacity.
  3. Ability to speak, read, or understand either English or French.

All interested applicants for the jobs caregiver opportunity may visit the agency’s website at or visit them personally in this address:

Paragon Personnel Ltd.
Suite 1, 2nd floor, 4529A Hastings St.
Burnaby , B.C. V5C 2K3, Canada
Tel: (604) 298-6633
Fax: (604) 298-6655

This jobs caregiver opportunity is open to worldwide participants who are qualified!!!!!

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4 Responses to Jobs Caregiver

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  2. Permal Pillay says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing this message in regards to Adult Caregiver jobs. I am the Director of Nadi Business College. We are running 6 months Diploma program in Caregivers. The curriculum will be of Canadian standard as we have franchised with one Canadian Institution in Canada for this program.

    I wonder if you could arrange jobs for our graduates?

    Pls reply soon

    Permal Pillay
    Nadi Business College

  3. caregiver says:

    Permal Pillay,

    Almost all of the articles I have posted on my website Caregiver Work Abroad corresponds to a specific recruitment agency in search of qualified applicants for caregiver jobs. All you have to do is read each article and choose for yourself which agency and job offer suits your preferences. You can contact the recruitment agency that I have featured on each article directly through the contact infos that I have provided in each article.

    For more agencies offering caregiver jobs abroad, I suggest that you also visit the website Nanny Jobs Online at

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Web Master

  4. roberto poblacion says:

    I’m willing to apply to your agency as caregiver, I have already my experience as caregiver and I handled different cases,such as colostomy and canser,especially elderly…

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