Jobs Elder Care

A nanny and caregiver agency with more than two decades of fruitful recruitment operation is seeking a qualified applicant for Jobs Elder Care. The said Jobs Elder Care vacancy is a full time live in position required by the client who is an 86 year old woman living in Richmond Hill. For safety reasons, the client needs a caregiver to help her get around. Most of the time, the woman is asleep which is an opportunity for the chosen Jobs Elder Care candidate to do some light house cleaning and other household chores.

The agency has been in the recruitment business for two decades with an exemplary record in Jobs Elder Care recruitment of the most suitable candidates for their clients. Because the agency understands that selecting a qualified and competent caregiver for their clients is a delicate matter and the agency only vouches for applicants that have been totally screened by the agency.

So if you think you are qualified for the said Jobs Elder Care position, you can send your comprehensive resume with your contact number to presentations@execunannies. Don’t forget to include the Quote Job #7606 for this Jobs Elder Care vacancy.  You can also Email them at or visit them at this address:

100 Sheppard Avenue W, #102
Phone: 416-221-6000.

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10 Responses to Jobs Elder Care

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  2. seyi says:

    How soon is it for applicants to get jobs ?

  3. Angel says:

    Good Day!I am willing to work as a caregiver. I am a registered nurse presently working as a ob-gyne / oncology nurse in the Philippines. Please email me how can I apply for the said job opportunity. Thank you.

  4. Caregiver says:


    Thanks for visiting our website caregiver work abroad. Regarding our job post Jobs Elder Care, we have provided our visitors with all the necessary informations they need to apply for the job posted. All they have to do is to click on the links to view the whole job article. You may also try visiting our other job postings in Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Thank You,
    Web Master

  5. Caregiver says:


    The time span before a work permit to Canada can be approved varies depending on where you applied for a work permit. To get a clearer picture of the subject matter. you should visit

    Thank You,
    Web Master

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  7. manuel says:

    i am a filipino male located in quebec and i want to take care of elderly/disabled person. can you recommend any agency who can help me out?

  8. caregiver says:


    I have written many posts about caregiver agencies and most of them are caregiver agencies in Canada. All you have to do is read my posts about the different caregiver agencies in Canada and its up to you which of them suits you best.

    Good Luck

  9. I am a filipino and looking for a job as a caregiver I am very willing to work with a disabled person or elderly , please help me find agency for me , Thank you so much and I`m hoping to hear from you soon….thank you very much……

  10. caregiver says:

    Ms. Bigornia,

    At present, the said jobs elder care is already filled, but you can always search my website for other agencies in search of applicants for caregiver jobs. You see, almost all articles I have posted on my website corresponds to a specific nanny or caregiver recruitment agency in search of qualified applicants for their vacancies. All you have to do is read each article and choose for yourself which agency suits your preference acccording to the details I have provided.

    For more agencies in search of qualified applicants for nanny and caregiver jobs, I suggest that you also visit the website Nanny Jobs Online at

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Web Master

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