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The Canadian labor market is currently experiencing a shortage in live in care providers because of insufficient locals or permanent residents to fill live in care positions. And because of this, the Canadian government formulated the live in care program. A live in care giver is someone who provides full time, unsupervised care for children, the elderly, or people with physical or mental disability, in a private household. And living in the employer’s home is a mandatory component of the live in care program.

In Toronto, a live in care company with years of experience in the industry, is looking for qualified applicants for various live in care vacancies. Their reputation as a live in care agency continues to excel as they successfully match applicants and clients with similar interests and personalities and in addition to that, the live in car agency has clients who are willing to sponsor live in care candidates to Ontario.

So in order for the live in care agency to process your live in care application, you have to meet all the  criteria’s set out by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Live in Care Program. If you meet all of the criteria’s and want to pursue a career as a live in care giver, in Ontario, The live in care agency can help you obtain a Canadian work permit under the Live in Care Program.

For more info regarding the said live in care vacancy, all interested live in care applicants may log on to their website at or contact the live in care agency through the following contact infos:

The Ontario Employment Agency Inc.
1986 Mississauga Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L5H 2K6

Telephone Number:  (416)699-6931
Fax Number: (905)278-2344

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  1. Susan Bodora says:

    Hallo, I have been working in this field for about 15 years in Asia. At present I am residing in Germany. I just came back from North and South syprous and Malta Holiday visit. I have met a lot of filippinos and other nationalities as well wanting to work in canada. This gives me the idea wanting to look for Agency in canada. I am just wondering if you need some one in Europe to represent you. If not kindly advise me how and whom I can refer to, to do this business with canadian Offices. Thank you in advance, Susan

    Please advise me what I should do to start the business at my end. Thank you in advance, Susan

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