Work Caregiver in Canada

A Toronto based work caregiver agency for overseas recruitment and staffing is seeking qualified caregivers to meet the local work caregiver shortage in Canada’s healthcare industry. The work caregiver agency’s main focus is on evaluation, recruitment, and deployment of technically qualified caregiver workers from all over the globe including the Philippines, Israel, Dubai, England, Italy, and Vietnam. Among the services provided by the work caregiver agency includes personally meeting the chosen applicant and making the interviews in their own countries. To chosen candidates for work caregiver, the work caregiver agency offers:

  1. Competitive wages.
  2. Paid orientation program.
  3. Flexible work schedule.
  4. Group benefits.
  5. Incentive program.
  6. Referral bonus.
  7. Recognition/service program.

For the overseas work caregiver applicants, below are the requirements asked by the work caregiver agency for an applicant to be considered for the work caregiver vacancy.

  • Copy of the Caregiver Certificate and transcript of record from accredited work caregiver training center (TESDA) (Note: Practicing or experienced Nurses, Midwives and Elementary School Teachers are exempted from the training).
  • Copy of valid passport.
  • Copy of birth certificate.
  • Resume.
  • Reference letter from previous employer(s).
  • Copy of diploma & transcript of records from University / College.
  • Letter to prospective employer.
  • ID picture (whole body & passport size).
  • Copy of NBI Clearance.

All interested applicants for the work caregiver vacancy please fax all resumes to (416) 521-9763 or email them to

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19 Responses to Work Caregiver in Canada

  1. rhodell dagoco says:

    It is really my dream of working in canada as caregiver. I’m am very happy to that I find your site and I am very interested to know more regarding how I can get the chance to be employed in canada. I am Health Aide NC II graduate in the Philippines and also a Cerfified caregiver by the Technical education and Skill Development Authority. I have worked experience related to caregiving. Currently I am in London taking NQF in Health and Social Care. I’m hoping to get a positive response from you regarding my interest of applying to canada as caregiver. Thank you very much.

  2. caregiver says:

    Mr Dagoco

    If you think you are qualified for caregiver jobs in Canada then you should send your application letter to any of the caregiver agencies that I have featured on my website Caregiver Work Abroad. You may also visit their website for further info regarding their caregiver jobs vacancies.

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad
    Web Master

  3. jane bayani marasigan says:

    i am grateful to see the info@platinumnurses in the website. i am please to introduce my self , i am ms. jane bayani marasigan a registered nurse here in the philippines. i am a hardworker, caring nurse, handle of so many kinds of patients here in the phillipines and abroad. my previous work is i am a psychiatric nurse for 12 years in national center for mental health and orthopedic nurse for 3 years in saudi arabia. i hope that you can accept me as a caregiver.

  4. jane bayani marasigan says:

    my biggest dream in life is to find a good job to other place like in canada. i am very happy that i find your site and i am very interested to know more regarding how can i get the chance to be employed in canada. i am a registered nurse here in the philippines, even i am not a caregiver i am capable to handle a bedridden patients especially mentally ill patients and orthopedic patients. i hope that you will accept me as a caregiver

  5. caregiver says:

    Miss Jane Marasigan,

    If you’re a registered nurse then you are more than qualified to be a caregiver in Canada. All you have to do is fax your resume to (416) 521-9763 or email them at You should also try to read my job post titled Caregiver Placement. It’s about a Filipino owned and managed caregiver agency in Canada that offers caregiver jobs to qualified Filipino caregivers and nurses.

    To know more about the requirements and qualifications in working as a caregiver in Canada, you should read my article about Working in Canada. This can be found on the same website Caregiver Work Abroad and filed under the category Useful Information. The Caregiver Work Abroad categories can be found at the left side of my website Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad
    Web Master

  6. Leny De Jesus says:

    I’m Liny De Jesus of Parañaque City and i’m interested on your job vacancies in Canada..
    I’m a certified Health Care Provider(Caregiver) here in the Philippines.. I’m willing to work there in Canada not only for earning money but to gain experience working abroad and to use my knowledge caring and meeting the needs of a particular employer..
    I’m looking forward for your response to my message.May the Lord God lead you to a nice and better Health Care Providers and Caregivers..Godbless

  7. caregiver says:

    Ms. De Jesus,

    To apply for the said Work Caregiver Vacancy, you can fax your resume to the fax number that I have provided in the same article where you posted your comment. You can also send them your resume via E-mail through the agency’s E-mail address that I’ve also provided in the same article where you posted your comment.

    For more agencies offering nanny and caregiver jobs, I suggest that you also visit my other website

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad

    Web Master

  8. kristine says:

    i’m kristine, im currently working here in dubai as a secretary and got promoted as sales executive.
    is it possible that i can work as a caregiver in canada. i had an experience as a caregiver here but only for 1 month and then i applied here at my previous company as secretary and got my employment visa thats why i wasnt able to continue it.

    i graduated as a nursing aide in the philippines but i had my training in the hospitals.

    thank you so much..

    awaiting for your response
    god bless…

  9. caregiver says:


    To apply for the said work caregiver in Canada, just fax all resumes to (416) 521-9763 or email them to

    For more agencies offering nanny and caregiver jobs, I suggest that you also visit the website Nanny Jobs Online at and Caregiver, Nanny, and Housekeeping Jobs Worldwide at

    For nursing jobs abroad, I suggest that you visit the website Nursing Jobs Abroad for Filipinos at and Nursing Jobs Abroad at

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Web Master

  10. kristine... says:

    hi,good day,im kristine and i am a graduate midwife her in the one of the university here in the philippines, and i found your website and i think it is a very good opportunity to me to work abroad.i am a hardworking person and i know that the course that i finish are also related to a caregiver,because we are not only giving care to the babies but also to the mothers and elders,and i had my training to a lying-in clinic.

    i’m looking forward for your response to my message.thank you very much.godbless

  11. caregiver says:


    To apply for the work caregiver vacancy please fax all resumes to (416) 521-9763 or email them to If you want, you can also apply for a POEA approved caregiver jobs. To know the details, just read the article titled POEA Caregiver Work in Canada which can be found also in the same website Caregiver Work Abroad.

    For more agencies offering jobs abroad, I suggest that you also visit these websites:

    Thanks for visiting Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Web Master


  13. Sheila Mae says:

    Hello! I am sheila A Graduate of BS Nursing,,,i really want to apply in canada as a caregiver because I am not a Registered Nurse but i had a caregiving certificate approved by TESDA which i passed in the assessment for me not to enroll in caregiver to have a 6 months training,,is the embassy of canada will accept my caregiving certificate? because they required 6 months training,,hope you will answer my questions..thank you

  14. marlon says:

    hi im mar a nursing graduate and registered nurse in the philippines im currently working her in dubai uae,i would like to know how to apply as a care giver in canada and may i know some agency her in dubai that i can apply.
    hopefully waiting to your response.thank you and god bless

  15. Ann says:

    Do you accept applicants with UK National Vocational Qualification Background?

  16. CARL PATRICK says:

    Hello. I am an American citizen of Philippine origin who worked as a full-time live-in caregiver for the elderly here in CA from 2000 to 2008 and part-time from 2008 to 2009. I hold a license to practice physical therapy in the Philippines and I am in possession of a California clear professional teaching credential. I wish to apply through your agency so I can get a work permit in Canada as a caregiver with the hope of joining the rest of my family there. I go to Canada to visit them but we do wish to be together. Should I still have this one year working experience as alive-in caregiver here in the USA or can I be excused from such since I am an American? Please advise me. Thanks a lot.

  17. lina. says:

    if u will accept me as care giver i’ll be very glad to work in canada.thank u.

  18. bimala says:

    hi want work in canada and…pls help me.iam in israel…but did not have any idea how can i will be find.

  19. Grazielle Mukay Baun says:

    I just want to ask if you are hiring a caregiver still. I am a nurse by profesion and i just finished my contract at Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Can I apply on your agency and what would be the requirements. Thank you…

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