Caregiver Work in UK

In 2008, the United Kingdom introduces a new points-based system that replaces most of their existing work-based categories and a caregiver is classified as Tier 2 General which is the skilled worker category. This category is for people coming to the UK with a skilled job offer from an employer based in the UK. This is usually the case when an employer in the United Kingdom cannot find a settled worker to fill the gap in their workforce.

Requirements in applying as Caregiver in UK

Before you can apply as a caregiver under the skilled worker category, you must have a job offer from an employer or a sponsor in the UK, and you need to have a valid certificate of sponsorship. Upon your application, you will be awarded some points according to their new points-based system which will base on you’re:

1.    Qualifications
2.    Future expected earnings
3.    Sponsorship
4.    Skills in the English language
5.    Available maintenance funds

How long can a Caregiver Work in the UK

If you are given the privilege to stay in the United Kingdom under the Tier2 General as a skilled worker, you will be able to live and be employed in the UK. But, the allowable maximum period of your employment or stay in the UK should not exceed 3 years and one month. Or, in some cases, the time specified in your certificate of sponsorship plus one month, whichever is shorter. After that you will need to apply for an extension of your stay as a Caregiver under the Tier 2 General.

If you are allowed to extend your stay in the UK, you will be given another 2 years or the time specified in your certificate of sponsorship plus 14 days. Usually, the one with the shorter period of time will be the one to be followed. But, once you have been in the United Kingdom for a continuous time of five years, you now have the right to apply for a settlement which will allow you to live permanently in the United Kingdom. If you do not avail of this privilege you must file a new application under the new points-based system.

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10 Responses to Caregiver Work in UK

  1. Milsay Lalic says:

    Im Milsay Lalic 21 years old from Philippines,Im interested to work as a caregiver in Canada.Im finished my caregiver course and I got some seminar certificate related in that field.Im a hard working person and am able to handle any task or job.Please consider me.Thank you.

  2. sir/maam,

    i am rhea marie,23 years of age,and a graduate of bachelor of science in nursing,i am really interested in the job as caregiver as i can take care and watch the children or the old once.i can handle tough work ,and im able to handle the task as the job may demand..
    hoping for your favorble consideration.

    thank you.

  3. HI IM NAFRULLA FROM PHILIPPINES,i am much willing to apply as caregiver,i am interested to work as a caregiver and i love to take care of the patient.i hope you can give me a chance..i really want to start a career for my future.godbless!

  4. Evadne Jesamine Uy Mahinay says:

    Hi I am Evadne Jesamine Uy Mahinay 21 yrs.old from Philippines, I am a caregiver graduate & got some seminars to enhance my knowledge especially Basic life Support. I am a Volunteer Rescuer in our place Im currently studying as an Hotel & Restaurant Management 1st yr. College in 2004 i took up BSNursing but unfortunately i stopped due to a personal reason. I really need this job because my Grandmother is suffering from cancer & my parents experiencing financial trouble at the moment i hope that i can help them. Im married w/ 1 child a 4 yr.old boy
    & my husband is a graduating student of Nursing. I hope i can apply in the Uk as a caregiver.Hoping someone can help. Thanks! God bless.

  5. caregiver says:

    Mrs. Mahinay

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad. In order for you to understand more on how you can be able to work in the United Kingdom as a caregiver you should read my article titled Caregiver UK Tips. There you will find all the necessary details you need to know on how a foreign caregiver can work in the UK. It can be found under the category Useful Informations located on the left side of my website Caregiver Work Abroad. Hope my article in Caregiver UK Tips can provide you with a clearer picture on how you can work as a caregiver in the UK.

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad
    Web Master

  6. jane aquino says:

    i am jane aquino,23 years of age,and a graduate of bachelor of science in nursing, i hadf undergone many trainings and seminars like basic lifr support and i am a trained first aider am very much interested in the job caregiver i can take good care children and elderly, i am god fearing and dedicated to work.i can handle tough work ,able to handle the task as the job may demand. if interested pls email me or call me through my mobile phone +639268858912
    hoping for your favorble consideration.

    thank you.

  7. gema casilao says:

    hi good day maam/sir
    im gema casilao 34 years of age im a filipina and currently stay in my country.i have two kids and midwifery graduate.i would like to work in united kingdom as caregiver but the only problem is how will i be able to find a sponsor for me to go there and work.thank you very much and more power..

  8. caregiver says:

    Ms. Casilao,

    Every article I have posted on my website Caregiver Work Abroad corresponds to a specific nanny or caregiver agency in search of qualified candidates for nanny or caregiver jobs. All you have to do is contact the agency involved through the contact info I have provided in each article.

    With regards to your problem of sponsorship, you can still work in the UK with just a student visa. To know the details just visit my post titled Caregiver Training in UK.

    For more nanny or caregiver agencies offering caregiver or nanny jobs, I suggest that you also visit my other website

    Thanks for visiting my website Caregiver Work Abroad.

    Web Master

  9. Irish Labarinto says:

    I am Irish O. Labarinto, 23 years old, single with good moral character and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing.It is my earnest desire to land a job as a caregiver in your company.I believe that my nursing skill and experience in administering care for 5 months as a Trainee in South Cotabato Provincial Hospital can help me on job that suits for me.

    You can reach me through mobile # 09169642575 or E-mail at

  10. Fideluz Joyce Eltanal says:

    I am Fideluz Joyce S. Eltanal,23 years old, single a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing.I live in the Phillipines i had an experience working as a caregiver for 1 yr. I want to apply. I am a hardworking person.responsible and god fearing. Mobile no.09056325045 or Email at

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