Worldwide Au Pair Agency List

The International Au Pair Association or IAPA, is the global trade association for every qualified au pair agency who are actively engaged in the au pair industry. IAPA was founded in 1994 by every leading au pair agency and was formally announced at the WYSTC (World Youth and Student Travel Conference) in Vancouver, Canada. The associations main aim is to protect the rights of all au pairs and host families and at the same time establish internationally approved guidelines for au pair exchange programmes.

At present, there are many new au pair agency that arise because of the continued increase in the demand for au pairs. And with the positive growth in the industry comes the need for regulation at the international level. The IAPA aims to meet this need by developing a system of self-regulation for every au pair agency and by introducing professional standards. IAPA’s objective is to set realistic standards that can be readily implemented by every au pair agency worldwide.

As of now, there are about 159 au pair agency in 42 countries around the world who are members of the IAPA. To know who the IAPA accredited au pair agency in each country, click HERE.

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3 Responses to Worldwide Au Pair Agency List

  1. Melchor Milanes says:

    I have an experience here in Sydney doing caregiver or agecare for at least more than 2years now. Could you please give some information to who I can contact to apply in agency? I would like to apply for it.

    Thank you for your assistance,
    Melchor Milanes

  2. caregiver says:

    Mr. Milanes,

    I’m sad to say that there are no au pair agency in Australia who are members of the IAPA and Australia is not among the member countries of the IAPA. To view the list of all the IAPA accredited au pair agencies in each country, just click this link

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